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Name That Tune – Alfred vs. Diana

Diana and “Sweet Alfred” have a rather spirited “Bid-A-Note” round on the pilot week of NTT ’84. (For the impatient folks out there, things really being cooking about 1:45 in.) This video c) Sandy Frank Productions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Name That Tune – Alfred vs. Diana”

  1. vnisanianisback says:

    “Jerk” also applies to Sandy Frank, the man who created this version of the show. Not only is he creepy looking (he looks like he had so many plastic surgery jobs), but his ex-wife (who is every bit creepy looking as he is) called him “an unfaithful creep”.

  2. gshowguy says:

    @checkthisjunkout Remember– the host gives a clue to the song in Bid-a-Note, then, they start bidding. That’s probably the reason why Diana only bid 1 note.

    And I still think “Sweet Alfred” needs a roasting at Game Show Garbage.

  3. gshowguy says:

    @amnewsboy As was “buzzer-crazy” contestant Michael Lagmay.

  4. turo9992000 says:

    I wonder if he’s still using that cool electronic typewriter

  5. morgan8757 says:

    diana was brave to take the bid on so few notes

  6. whitismygurl07 says:

    Why is he such a douchebag OMG

  7. cstring420 says:

    That douche Alfred wouldn’t even say “name that tune”. He kept saying “name that song”. It doesn’t seem like that big a deal but it’s so annoying that he was trying to cool or different.

  8. checkthisjunkout says:

    How did she think she was gonna get a song in one note??

  9. Gorillarevolta says:

    “you got it honey!” classic Alfred

  10. MGHSHour2a says:


  11. nymetsrock says:


  12. BoeckmanOSU says:

    What a fag. I woulda nailed him in the nose.

  13. IpA says:

    Sweet Alfred :)

  14. mikespikejones says:

    this guy is a tool

  15. ein311 says:


  16. SolidAsSnake says:

    Man, can’t believe the douche bag won.

  17. Sinthetic13 says:

    An electronic typewriter!! Gee golly whillikers!

  18. mightyjoe911 says:

    I love game show pls bring them old game back

  19. evilpriest18 says:

    you gottit honey!

  20. morganie25 says:

    “you got it honey!” lol!!

    wtf is wrong with this guy????

  21. gooffbball says:

    they need to bring this show back

  22. eci4r says:

    your right

  23. eci4r says:

    do you have the golden medley of this

  24. Valedc03ls says:

    Do you have more of these pilot episodes? I know that there were five in total, and this was only a part of one of the pilots. It would be very awesome to see the episodes in full :-) .

  25. Valedc03ls says:

    Yes it was 0 in the pilots. On the regular episodes, it was normally one note.

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