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Name That Tune

Name That Tune segment taped in Hollywood on June 22, 1976

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25 Responses to “Name That Tune”

  1. burt64nyg says:

    Cool Prizes!

  2. RetroJenny says:

    Wow a My neighbor used to drive a brown one.

  3. darkpowrjd says:

    @PREGO1966 Another possible reason is that perhaps they weren’t too concerned about the word switch in this part of the game, as long as they got the important part of the title correct. If he flubbed the “Teach the World To Sing” part, then he would’ve probably been DQed (which I’m guessing the producers only needed that part, though they displayed that whole thing on the screen). Unlike the 100k tune, the other parts were a bit more lenient in that sense.

  4. alrightlol says:

    this is one of the hardest game shows on TV, you need to know alot of music

  5. BCraingirl says:

    those cars looked like toy cars, lol

  6. PREGO1966 says:

    He should have been penalized on “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing”. Someone once got penalized for naming “It’s A Grand Night For Singing” as “It’s A Grand TIME For Singing”. My guess is Tom didn’t catch it, nor did the videotape operator.

  7. WhatsAYak says:

    @kenman923 – Would’ve been good, except the then-standard process of “bicycling” syndicated shows might confuse some viewers in markets where such an ep wasn’t aired until a month or 2soner/later.

  8. gracenote999 says:

    He actually misnamed one of them. The tune is “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” but he said “I’d Love….” In Jeopardy!, they would have penalized him for that.

  9. MrBooojangles says:

    We had a British version of Name That Tune in the UK as well. It was first hosted by Tom O Connor then Lionel Blair but your format seems the same as the UK one. This brings back memories of it.

  10. missgreeneyes56 says:

    The host sounds like Gerry Springer.

  11. LeothePatrioticLion says:

    Ah, 1976, our bicentennial! What a fantastic year!

  12. Rawlinson18 says:


  13. DaveyND1 says:

    i got about 2

  14. fleckmant says:

    what no topographic tuna?

  15. montgomb3 says:

    I used to love this game show when I was a kid.

  16. licklolly35 says:

    this was me and my grandmothers, favorite game shows, we would watch, and play together, i always got the most right,

  17. kenman923 says:

    Here’s what would have made a good April Fools gimmick for both Name That Tune and Concentration. Have the Narz Brothers trade places for a show. It would have been something to see Jack Narz host Name That Tune for an episode while Tom Kennedy hosts Concentration for an episode.

  18. nicka727 says:

    WTMJ had this game show.

  19. Jnelson09Returns says:

    Oh. Well, like I said, it’s kinda complicated.

  20. bluebear1985 says:

    I just read an article about it on Wikipedia, and it says the Datsun brand was discontinued in 1986.

  21. Jnelson09Returns says:

    It’s kinda complicated, but Datsuns were essentially no longer sold starting with the 1982 model year.

  22. bluebear1985 says:

    Am I right that Datsun changed its company name to Nissan? If so, when was that?

  23. Troggle84 says:

    A 52 day cruise! Crikey!

  24. cdelano81 says:

    There are a lot of Lange episodes from variour tape traders. However, only six known episodes from Kennedy’s version are available. I do, though, have at least two of them (including a $100,000 winner).

  25. timhere64 says:

    i was a kid when that was on and i was good at it.. id play against my father.. nice to see

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