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Name That Tune

A rare 0000 win from the Tom Kennedy era from 1977
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25 Responses to “Name That Tune”

  1. coolchillingdude says:

    im pretty sure her favorite song is dancing on the celling from that day on

  2. zerobeat18 says:

    @StukInBuf Yes, by 1986 $10K couldn’t buy you a loaf of bread.

  3. STOPobama1 says:

    tom kennedy=one of the greatest game show hosts ever, though never given his due



  5. ScottDouglasMaine says:

    The guard is a nice touch.

  6. 2005dave says:

    Michel Mencien was the pianist here; later, NTT bandleader Tommy Oliver would use Michel Rubini as his pianist. Two different guys.

  7. goback3spaces says:

    @gshowguy Right. The important thing is that she NAMED THAT TUNE.

  8. gshowguy says:

    @goback3spaces I always thought it was spelled “Michel”, too. But with “Menchen” as his last name, he could be either German or Dutch.

  9. goback3spaces says:

    @danbarker39 Naw, it’s probably Michel. It’s French, mon ami.

  10. danbarker39 says:

    the man’s name is MICHELLE? PLAYING THE PIANO?

  11. danbarker39 says:

    the man’s name is MICHELLE?

  12. bluebear1985 says:

    There was an interesting blooper I remember seeing from another finals show. In that one, the security guard had to unlock the name of the tune from a safe backstage. Unfortunately for the security guard, when it came time for him to open the safe, he had forgotten the combination to unlock it! It was hilarious.

  13. latinoheat361 says:

    @alrightlol so no one can yell it out dumbass

  14. BigLupeRakimDee2 says:

    @alrightlol: They did that to eliminate the possibility of her hearing some idiot in the audience shout out the name of the song upon recognition of the melody, which would have thereby ruined her chance at legitimately winning what was, at that time, the biggest cash prize in television game show history.

    Notice that Tom does not advise the audience to hush or remain quiet… had they done this without an isolation booth, there would have been a bigger margin for problems as a consquence.

  15. BozoGates says:

    announcer’s gay as a $3 bill

  16. alrightlol says:

    why did they put her in a box? thats kinda useless if she can hear it loud and clear

  17. toetagsworld says:

    chariots of fire

  18. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    Hey can someone tell me the name of a song that was music only in a movie I cant remember name of but has a bunch of young guys running down a beach in shorts to this tune. i think college students. a sort of inspiritation award winning movie. thats all I remember.

  19. RIVEXNGLE says:

    Stumped me.

  20. alrightlol says:

    wuts wit the booth? haha

  21. tidalboreman says:

    i liked it when the women put there winning money inside there bra cup. judy barlow was the best.

  22. nextbarker says:

    $124,000 for her, not bad back in 1977.

  23. thaitanium12 says:

    I can break that niggers leg with 3 kicks, I can break in 2 kicks, I can break his leg with 1 kick.
    OK off you go Lame that coon.

  24. StukInBuf says:

    $10K per year for 10 years. I take it that by 1986 or so, the same $10k didn’t carry as much weight as it did in ’77.

  25. DannyBkyn says:

    Oh wow. You’re the lady on the show! =] I trust you….thanks for the reply.

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