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Naked Raygun: Rat Patrol (From “What Poor Gods We Do Make”)

Naked Raygun’s a lot anticipated initial release because the band’s recent reunion will be released this upcoming Fall on Tuesday, Novemeber 6. Entitled “What Poor Gods We Do Make: The Story and Music Behind Naked Raygun,” the 2-disc DVD/CD focuses on the band’s history and the development of their music from “Basement Screams” to “Raygun, Naked Raygun” by means of interviews with the band and several interviews, which includes Steve Albini, The Lawrence Arms, 88 Fingers Louie, Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, The Effigies and several a lot more. Moreover, the film aspect also focuses on the history and influence of Chicago’s independent and punk scene, even though it was usually, and still, overlooked by punk historians and much more lately, documentary filmmakers. The CD portion of the release will function live highlights from their shows considering that Naked Raygun’s reunion at Riot Fest 2006, and will consist of all of the songs most identified with Naked Raygun.

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9 Responses to “Naked Raygun: Rat Patrol (From “What Poor Gods We Do Make”)”

  1. MrNickGir says:

    @chr1ssboy it says from What Poor Gods We Do Make filmed at their reunion in 06

  2. chr1ssboy says:

    Anyone know if this is footage from the art of throb throb show?

  3. harrytuttle27b6 says:

    Best punk/harrdcore song ever!!!!

  4. TheDouchesupreme says:

    one of the best bands…love me some raygun

  5. TallFastLoud says:

    Jesus, they look young! Compare them to modern Dino Jr….not that there’s any musical similiarity (well, besides the penchant for melody) but just as a measure of aging.

  6. OhsNosIsBeenHit says:

    What year was this filmed? Sounds great.

  7. daredevilpre says:

    One of the best bands ever.

  8. iskandertime says:

    No one speaks “Belgian”, man.

  9. machinesbreathe says:

    I don’t speak Belgian!


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