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Myrtle Young on Johnny Carson

Funny Chip Clip!
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25 Responses to “Myrtle Young on Johnny Carson”

  1. pinkladee10 says:

    I love this!! This is my Great-Aunt Myrtle on Johnny Carson show in 1987. We just went to visit her last summer.

  2. UTSCoachKen says:

    Thanks for posting this classic !

  3. HayleyCometra says:

    Love this clip! Absolutely classic!

    Does anyone happen to have the clip following this one, about Jim Fowler and the bat? If so, can someone post it? It’s one of my favorite animal clips.

  4. acerflots says:

    hatable man :D

  5. calalilygirl says:

    @gregj1982 She seemed like a great sincere lady

  6. calalilygirl says:

    @Nicar526 Wise decision.

  7. calalilygirl says:

    @2ndPistonHonda I wondered if that was pre planned.

  8. frantic1971 says:

    That poor old lady almost has a heart attack when she hears that “crunch”. How dare Johnny Carson eat a work of art! Then Johnny pulls that bowl of chips out from behind the desk.
    I seem to remember an article in TV Guide calling this the funniest scene ever on tv.

  9. rickysavesparagain says:

    I always hoped to be famous one day and be on the Tonight Show. After Johnny Carson retired in “93 I realized it would never be as grand an experience to be on that show if he wasn’t there.. He will always be the King.

  10. szqsk8 says:

    This was sooo funny when it originally aired and it’s still funny. When he crunches on that chip from the bowl her expression is priceless! Johnny was the best.

  11. stephenmyers99 says:

    the most AWESOME setup EVER! Rock on Johnny…

  12. lordthawkeye says:

    1:30 ow…my ribs hurt….

  13. cineman73 says:

    man, it doesn’t get any better than Johnny!

  14. eruption257 says:

    You can’t get TV like this anymore. “That’s Yogi Bear. I broke his neck.”

  15. jon122569 says:

    I remember watching this when it first aired. It was so cute her expression. Johnny was genious. Nobody will comand the talk show like him for a long time if ever.

  16. Great2C says:

    And, of course, God bless Johnny Carson. Even in 100 years he’ll probably be the King of Late-Night (I hope there’ll be still people around then who care about his immortal jokes, skits, monologues and interviews).

  17. Great2C says:

    The great thing about this clip is not only Carson’s comedic genius but also Myrtle Young herself. She seems to be such a good sport, doesn’t seem to take herself and her hobby too serious and she’s also very entertaining. She still laughs after Johnny gave her almost a heart attack and has good quips of her own: “That’s Yogi Bear — I broke his neck.” *lol* God bless her!

  18. badtown88 says:

    What’s wrong with Conan? Just because he’s not as good as Carson doesn’t mean he sucks. No one is as good as Carson. But Conan in my opinion is the best on tv today.

  19. ErichoTTA says:

    As Zombieland said, “Learn to appreciate the little things”.

  20. hardlines4 says:

    The ONE and ONLY KING of late night!

  21. RChristopherHarbour says:

    This is my favorite Carson Moment by a mile.

  22. GeminiNightOwl says:

    This is one of the best – just seeing Johnny’s expression when Myrtle spins her head around is beyond priceless. I laugh just as hard everytime I see it! I remember seeing it live (original air date that is) back when late night TV was something you looked forward to…Thanks for posting this :)

  23. mattpayne1972 says:

    You can’t watch just once!!

  24. ProgHead777 says:

    Easily among the funniest moments in television history.

  25. ebtricks says:


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