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My Three Sons S09E13 The New Space 1/3

Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “My Three Sons S09E13 The New Space 1/3”

  1. AdamCartwrightILoveU says:

    Katie is so pretty

  2. soulierinvestments says:

    7:39 — Butch Patrick post “Eddie Munster.” You might not suspect it with so little makeup. One of the few sequences which´╗┐ indicated that Ernie did have a boy friend / social life outside the Douglas clan.

  3. spdskte says:

    wet plaster walls.

  4. sallyjosie says:

    I love the episode where Dr Osbourne was introduced. And the episode where Katie found out she was having more then one baby. And My all time favorite is where Uncle Charlie tries to give Katie a tea.

  5. TIPTON340 says:

    Ed Bagley.

  6. MagicMaureen46 says:

    @JEGS0908 Must you use profanity? There are ladies on these boards, you know. Do you talk this way in real life? I get so sick of tuning in to watch innocent, wholesome videos and finding crude language! What is the deal with Internet people??

  7. JEGS0908 says:

    What an asshole! He wouldn’t be in business too long these days!

  8. scott97 says:

    That crazy woman’s got him violating code!

  9. DozerDaveD6T says:

    @FOSEEBOY no uncle Charlie (William Demarest) was not Moe Howard, Moe Howard used his real name in The Three Stooges, Shemp, Curly & Moe Howard were brothers. check out

  10. sallyjosie says:

    @Beec1966 If you get anymore, Please, Please put them on here. I love most of the episodes from seasons 5-11. Season 12 stinks. they tried to make the comedy “too realistic”. They should have stopped at 11.

  11. FOSEEBOY says:

    Uncle Charlie WAS Moe!!! (And I wanna sleep with KATIE)

  12. Midnightryder7 says:

    What was the deal with there mother?..I forgot why she wasn’t in the show..think part of the story line is that she died???

  13. jln55 says:

    Uncle Charlie reminds me of Moe Howard. I almost expect him to start bopping the boys!

  14. Beec1966 says:

    @COMING4U Sorry. These were the only episodes I had.

  15. COMING4U says:

    so would I.

  16. COMING4U says:

    season 9 (episode 16) please

  17. sallyjosie says:

    On of my favorites is the first one with Dr Osborne. I also love the one with Charleys Tea. I don’t think this carpenter would get much of a recommendation of Angie’s List. lol

  18. Dolphindream15 says:

    @ChristisCountingOnMe your right they dont make good shows like this any more one of my favorate shows was the partridge family I LIKED THE MUSIC that show had some good music,,,I also enjoyed Flipper and skippy…those were the good old days,,,

  19. onemooners says:

    man she was good looking

  20. frankd1965 says:

    sure would like a house like that

  21. ChristisCountingOnMe says:

    I loved this show so much as a little kid!:) They don’t make good shows like this anymore.

  22. eci4r says:

    This was one of my favorite shows

  23. frankd1965 says:

    sure like to have a house like that!!!

  24. frankd1965 says:

    Ed passed away in 1970

  25. pagegirl507 says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’m a My Three Sons fan, and my cable provider doesn’t offer the channel this is shown on, so please post more! It would be very appreciated! Thanks so much!

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