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My Three Sons – opening

My Three Sons
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25 Responses to “My Three Sons – opening”

  1. buckinghamalice says:

    @morgaffi I’m 22, and I grew up on the same stuff! Love those shows to death and wish TVLand would get back to that kind of programming!

  2. jerrysboys says:

    @DRbiohazard people like you are the reason the country is the way it is today

  3. joeblowthehot says:

    I ALWAYS had the biggest CRUSH on ERNIE!!!!!!

    Iam a girl by the way!

  4. neffada53 says:

    Yes, back in the days when writers for these old shows actually wrote stuff that was funny, not lewd or mean and rude. The writing for the I Love Lucy series was about as good as it gets.

  5. ripcord1022 says:

    A lot of good shows and memories. And these were on prime time network TV.

  6. wetluv4 says:

    remember when you went to the movie theatre to watch a movie? They would always play a cartoon before the movie. I still miss that. i liked the roadrunner the best!

  7. ryoushii says:

    Late in the series, second to last season?

  8. MrTheBoblola says:

    trying to locate original episodes, they used my Grandfathers house for the white 2 story in Los Angeles. We used to go be on the set, such fun!

  9. TheSkuLLcomedyShow says:

    My Three Sons-of -Bitches! Hehe.

  10. Wellch says:

    I remember the William Frawley who played ‘Bub’.

  11. JWelfareMinistries says:

    LOVE IT!!

  12. jody808 says:

    i used to love that simple animation for the intro, lol

  13. olflatop says:

    This is as much of the show as I ever watched. But I must have watched it a couple hundred times.

  14. phuckizlam says:

    I’m glad I grew up with these shows as a kid. I feel sorry for today’s kids with crap like Hannah Montana and all the other rot on TV.

  15. stellietex says:

    @morgaffi I’m 31, and I agree. I grew up watching those shows on Nick and Nite, and find “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” just doesn’t cut it.

  16. schef99 says:

    @morgaffi true, those are some good add ons, not to mention Bugs and those guys, cartoons the way they were meant to be, Hair Bear Bunch, Hong Kong Phoohey, I could go on and on

  17. morgaffi says:

    @schef99 To your list I add Andy Griffith, The Munsters, Addams Family, The Flintstones, Gilligan’s Island (yeah, yeah, I know…but I was a kid), Batman, Flipper, I Dream of Jeannie, Lost in Space, Red Skelton, Get Smart, and Saturday morning cartoons. Yup, we’re old, but it was a good time to be a kid…

  18. schef99 says:

    @dmcfeb211 Petty Coat Junction, Mr. Ed, My Favorite Martian, Courtship of Eddies Father, Room 222, Beverly Hillbillies, damn I’m old

  19. radiovegan says:

    This is a short version of the original. To go back to the mid 60s or early 70s, here’s how it originally opened: First you’d see the CBS Color identifier come on (the letters C, B and S would spring to the middle of the screen in white, then the eye would sweep across turning them to color). Next, Fred MacMurray would be sitting in the living room set and say, “hello, and welcome to our show.” Then the animation would begin.

    I agree with everyone we need a network for 60s and 70s shows.

  20. RmFrRifleman says:

    @dmcfeb211 I’d like to see more of the classic shows too,because I could care less about howd you get so rich or extreme makeover.

  21. christheone8773 says:

    I read somewhere that Fred McMurray didn’t spend all season filming these episodes when the entire cast was around – his contract allowed him to film all of the scenes he would be involved in for the entire season, and then he would be free to do whatever he liked until next season started – that’s probably why this show lasted 12 seasons, from 1960 to 1972- all the episodes didn’t necessarily center around the main character-

  22. fjbutch says:

    @dmcfeb211 Me too !

  23. karolynruffin1 says:

    @seethransom hahahaahahahaha

  24. ortafunk says:

    I used to want to buy a brand new Chevrolet and put In a 8 track tape of the My 3 Sons Song though A Friend of Mine suggested See The USA In Your Chevrolet and turn the volume up all the way and get on a long country road and floor It until ran out of road or gas.

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