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My room

My room

Image by OrangeCounty_Girl
I like a lot of stuff, Can ya tell? More is more. *View large*

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26 Responses to “My room”

  1. PHOTOFLUSA says:

    Wow….this is an exciting room.
    So many momentos and photos.
    Very colorful………

  2. Adventures of Tintin says:

    it’s like a museum! can i visit?

  3. OrangeCounty_Girl says:

    LOL Its not a museum but sure you can visit! haha Maybe I should turn it into one…."The museum of Holly"

  4. OrangeCounty_Girl says:

    Oh and My cousin got me that rubber duck from her work *bath and body works* they had those at easter time!

  5. Adventures of Tintin says:

    next time i’m in cali, you should tour me in your museum of holly

  6. _melika_ says:

    how in the hell do you keep your shit clean???
    you know i was thinkin…
    you need to post more pics of yourself!!!

  7. OrangeCounty_Girl says:

    Melika :

    Yes it was!!!!! A camp in Dana point i watch good day la everyday! Have u seen officer rick quintero oooow i wanna stalk him. lmao. Shit clean? thats my room messy…..I clean it like once every 3 weeks its an all day thing when i do. I want to go to that camp in dana point but its 350 a week…….lmao Oh and i havent taken any pics of myself in so long I feel to ugly so I take pics of everything else : )

  8. Blu Eyed Girl says:

    I love your room…awesome!!!!

  9. bookish in north park says:

    Very girly girl! Fun!

  10. RedEssie says:

    Sigh- I need my own room….. But SNIFFLE…. I have to SHARE!
    You don’t need fat camp, stalk the officer … and Take pictures of yourself… It’s good for you!

  11. Orbitgal says:

    YAYAYAYY! I love this look into you…but really, you do need some self portraits! you are such the geek! come on! we wanna see you! do like i did and take one of when you think you look your worst and guarantee people will LOVE it!!! Have you seen my Tina Turner self-portrait? LOL!

  12. julio_cesar says:

    u got lots of interesting things…

    very clean room!!!! just like mine haahah jk


  13. OrangeCounty_Girl says:

    Orbitgal you missed it I posted a picture of myself for like 4 minutes tonight and then I was like eww I look so gross and took it off……I have pics on myspace thats bad enough lmao

  14. Orbitgal says:

    dork! 4 minutes!!! lol!

  15. Orbitgal says:

    You are the pack rat Queen of Orange County!!!

    This fabuolous picture was seen In Da House!

  16. OrangeCounty_Girl says:

    lmao i totally am I love stuff/clutter it comforts me : )

  17. "G" jewels g is for grandma says:

    Love the room. I think that when you have lots of things in a room that you like and bring you joy than that is living. I have a lot of giraffe’s in my bedroom. I hope to get my pictures up on the walls soon. I am narcissistic and have blown up a few of my photos to 16X20 well I like em big. The two Lucy picture you have up are my two favorite shows. I also like the use of two clocks in the room. It really is a fun room. "G"

  18. mandaroo63 says:

    I’m a clutter-bug! I love this room! So many cool things to look at!

  19. babymellowdee says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called:

    And we’d be tickled to have your picture be part of the pack!
    (Optionally, please tag your picture ‘ClutterpopDressertop’)

  20. PassionFruit89 says:

    Such a cool room :)

  21. GaMa.d7 says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called *my room*, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  22. samaram0n says:

    omg we like love the same stuff :O

  23. hello kitty29 says:

    Like the room =)

  24. sashamarkov says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called your_bureau (desk only), and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  25. Andrea Boulala says:

    Me encantó tu cuarto.

  26. captcreate says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called What’s on your shelves?, and we’d love to have this added to the group! Join the group too! :)

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