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My Preferred Martian First Episode

Tim sees a UFO crash and rescues the martian
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “My Preferred Martian First Episode”

  1. BROOKLYNBEAST226 says:

    Bill bixby was one of my favorite actors growing up as kid. Who could forget him as the legendary incredible hulk.

  2. ChaosButterfly8 says:

    yo mama is an alien!

  3. PoisonOnHisLips says:

    Thumbs up if you came here because you watch YourFavoriteMartian on Youtube!

  4. PoisonOnHisLips says:

    Thumbs up if you came here because you watch YourFavoriteMartian on Youtube!

  5. flagelman30 says:

    I loved this show,Bill was a cutie pie an Uncle Martian was funny!!

  6. OlleNudel1 says:

    I wish there would be more of this show on Youtube. I had been watching it on german TV as a kid.
    Sadly all dvd available are for region 1 only – language is not the problem but it won’t work with our systems.

  7. ENCO12357 says:

    Best time of my life. We were going to space not leaving it.

  8. ewaf88 says:

    Goodness Bill Bixby looks and sounds young. I really liked this a kid when it was shown in the UK. Gentle non assuming humour,

  9. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  10. jackdexx says:

    your favorite martian is better

  11. ldhorricks says:

    @HanZiField yeah lots of great tv cars in those days…Maxwell Smart’s Sunbeam Tiger and Karman Ghia, Roger Moore’s Volvo P1800…to name a few.

  12. ignikiX says:

    The last bit: You may not see me but you still have to carry me

  13. HanZiField says:

    Love the old Triumph TR6

  14. TheStanbabe says:

    A pre “Mother’s In Law”Herb Rudley plays The US Air force Colonel on the first episode of”My Favorite Martian”.

  15. gupsnot says:

    Ray Walston was the perfect pick for the part of Uncle Martin. I loved this show and watched it with my mum in the afternoons when I came home from school. Great memories!


    What a great and fun show to view! A+++ I remember this show back in 1963! I was only six years old when this TV show was popular. Wow! This video makes me feel old however, thank you for posing this video none the less!

  17. granddad2002 says:

    I remember this as a thinking man’s comedy.

  18. fromthesidelines says:

    Sunday, September 29, 1963, ‘Physics’. The series appeared at 7:30pm(et), just before “THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW”.

  19. TheVagolfer says:

    Sweet TR4 !

  20. poopsmash18 says:

    @RawrMm i swear to god. Mr. stam, my psychology teacher at Glendora high school

  21. RawrMm says:

    @poopsmash18 bullshit

  22. ladybluluv says:

    One of my favorite all time shows when I was a very small kid. Those guys were cute too. I actually think as a kid I had a small crush on Uncle Martin…lol I was thrilled when the boxed set came out. I’ve had that for years. I miss this show. Great lines. Great acting. Everything. Don’t know if it was as loved and appreciated back then as it should have been.

  23. poopsmash18 says:

    the kid that played andy is my teacher at my high school now

  24. dhucke4assembly says:

    Weird things always seem to happen to bill bixby when he’s driving (andy griffith’s hit and run episode, t.i.h. first hulk out, and this episode). This is a very intelligent sitcom.

  25. PhysicsProf1 says:

    What date did this episode air?

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