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My Mother the Vehicle Clips with Barbara Bain

Barbara Bain plays Inge in the 1965 sitcom My Mother the Auto with Jerry van Dyke. Silly, but cute.
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21 Responses to “My Mother the Vehicle Clips with Barbara Bain”

  1. jwatson626 says:

    I love how the mastermind behind “Operation Unscrupulous” goes through the trouble to design a special bomb that will demolish the car but leave the driver unharmed. That high-tech bomb, by the way, looks very much like a couple sticks of dynamite bundled together. Oh well, I’m sure I can trust the dude. He said so.

  2. perdiamotempo says:

    Non ricordavo che in my mother the car c’era la stupendissima barbara bain

  3. ChuckRage72 says:


    Try iOffer.

  4. toenail37 says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Does anybody know where a could buy episodes (DVD’s) of My Mother The Car? I been searching but, can’t find any.

  5. ebf1957 says:

    And to think Jerry Van Dyke turned down the role of Gilligan to be in that.

  6. jmjfanss says:

    Thank god Knight rider was better than this one.
    at least that car talked better.

  7. crb4059 says:

    lol knight rider of the 60′s

  8. Ryoku75 says:

    For your first question, no, it would probably have to be given more horses as I think that year of Beetles only had around 36 or 40 HP, I can’t quite remember.

  9. WhatsAYak says:

    Random fact: Series producer Rod Amateau later served in the same capacity for the 1987 film “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie”, no doubt explaining why the antique store owner in said film (Anthony Newley) was also named Captain Manzini.

  10. WhatsAYak says:

    In the entry on this show from his book “What Were They Thinking?” (a countdown of TV’s worst shows, moments, etc.), David Hofstede had a suggestion on how the show could’ve been better: making Manzini the only one besides Dave to know the car talks, which would’ve made his obsession more believable and given “Mom” someone else to banter off.

  11. brcbrtn says:

    I remembered this show, while I was thinking of the comedy team of Burns and Schreiber.Avery Schreiber plays
    Manzini, the no-goodnik that was always trying to steal the Porter. I liked this show as a kid, and was pissed when people put it down…even today!

  12. Renshen1957 says:

    Compared to Please Don’t Eat the Daisys, this was Shakespeare. Compared to what’s on the air today, give me the 1960′s

  13. wackinoffski says:

    no more ridiculous than about 80 percent of the rest of what hollywood puts out

  14. marlonbo says:

    1960s Hollywood came up with some of the dullest attempts at slapstick TV ever. And this is probably the worst despite Ann Sothern. Can you believe it?!

  15. zenarcade64 says:

    The writers were smoking something….guess this was before crack though.

  16. linuscomet says:

    maybe those are actually the answers to the question: why did the show only last 1 season?

  17. CycolacFan says:

    So many questions…

    could a VW Beetle with 3 in it really tow a trailer that big with a car in it?

    What difference would doing it two seconds faster actually make?

    If he can build a perfect replic of the Porter why does he need that one?

    Why sycronise their watches if the thieves are all staying together?

    Hope these questions are answered in part 2… but I doubt it.

  18. NoirFan01 says:

    You know, the background music in this clip is actually rather good. Very mid-60s sound. I like it.

  19. RobinMetrocolor says:

    “My Mother The Car” is very underrated.

  20. NEdelbach says:

    James L. Brooks worked on this and they spoofed it on the Simpsons, in an episode where Grandpa becomes a love testing machine and helps Moe out on a date.

  21. sugreev2001 says:

    Percussor to Knight Rider maybe ?

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