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Muppet Show Theme

For AJ

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25 Responses to “Muppet Show Theme”

  1. SEANTHEDON11 says:


  2. TheJakeb93 says:

    I wanna cry…………….. tears of joy!! :,)

  3. Globez123 says:

    I love this song

  4. HeadshotsAintEZ says:

    I’m scarred for life

  5. akramsalim77 says:

    I like kermet green frog

  6. Mulleycoma says:

    If you Like Muppets, check out this new English comedy coming soon!!:
    Search: Fur Fame and Fortune

  7. TheByerandGuthrieCo says:

    Check out our crazy parody puppets… this time, we pay tribute to Radiohead!


  8. lisaeileengrant says:

    Some things we are always meant to remember. The Muppets are one of those things.

  9. MoooonshoesPotter says:


  10. ratzen89 says:

    I love it so much. Being a kid I used to watch it every week. And it is still fun.

  11. ghostrider654321 says:

    the muppets are coming back with a movie the trailer is out check it on youtube!!!!

  12. gallafey says:

    The Muppet Show should come back

  13. Shaolan12 says:

    das ist asozial mann welch ne scheiƟ quali die armen Muppets -.-

  14. blobby1972 says:

    this is from when Tv believed in entertainment on a Sataday night and not soley on getting its sweaty mits on your hard eaned cash with endless phone in vote for the idiot shows.

  15. JusticeVSpropaganda says:

    great and thanks for uploading
    I liked it very much when we had it in TV here (Israel)
    few years ago I lost the disc (the kids…) so I appreciate it that I can find it now in youtube
    love from Israel :)

  16. seanmahon101 says:


  17. Anne2Roos says:

    when I hear this song, it makes me happy!!!!

  18. patrick9654 says:

    Statler and Waldorf made 121 accounts

  19. marcie267 says:

    For our friends who like Trace Adkins, release of How Now Brown Cow; OOH! Kermy!! You’re sooo CUTE! Miss Piggy. :O

  20. mrwerewolf9 says:


  21. xXxMMMusicxXx says:

    this would quite possibly be the theme to my childhood.

  22. waltdisney19282008 says:

    @rogerdoger413 DUDE?! YOUR JOKING?! HOW IS THE MOVIE GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!

  23. theguy7863 says:


  24. nutral84 says:

    …p.s!..thanks for the tube! (: )

  25. nutral84 says:

    ..some people call the TROLLS..or EOR the donkey..i like to call the MUPPET’S!

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