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Munsters: Herman Plays Baseball.

Herman tries out for a baseball team that Leo Dorosher coaches.
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25 Responses to “Munsters: Herman Plays Baseball.”

  1. 410missmonkeyful says:

    they would definitely be testing Herman for Human Growth Hormones 2day!!!

  2. Mastophales says:

    From :20 – :25, could imagine saying that today on TV ??? Listen for yourselves ~~~~~~ Let’s just say it would go over like a snowstorm in July in PR…

  3. strubies says:

    @Mikeanglo Ow! stop throwing pebbles at me!

  4. PRE1959 says:

    Ouch! Wetbacks! Don’t think that would fly today.

  5. lsdmadman says:

    hmmm Hermy murdering Asians for the rich…yay yooessay

  6. terminator5791 says:

    Hit a grounder pop!

  7. Mikeanglo says:

    Too bad they never did an episode where they actually sent Herman to vietnam…that’d have been classy.

  8. ItalianNerd157 says:

    @Hyperborea2012 I was just about to ask the same thing!

  9. rick6393 says:

    Herman was in WWII , watch the 1st episode.

  10. Hyperborea2012 says:

    Did he call Herman a “wetback”?

  11. adamdicy says:

    @prausch65 it was 1964-1966

  12. scottmiller312 says:

    oops a daisy.

  13. BJBTJF says:

    What field was this scene shot .

  14. mgwilliams1000 says:

    Also watch the Beverly Hillbillies when they play golf with Dorosher set-up by Mr Drysdale. You’ll laugh your sides off.

  15. KnightOwl2006 says:

    Funniest Munsters’ scene ever.

  16. ralphh56 says:

    @KVNDV1 He also tried out Jethro Bodeine on the Beverly Hillbillies

  17. GhostOfBugsy says:

    Bingo! LOL

  18. mandaladouble says:

    @BooJoMan That would have been awesome…

  19. KVNDV1 says:

    @vinnyhoags, You mean no bris? LOL

  20. vinnyhoags says:

    @KVNDV1 Pee-Wee Herman ,Bobbled too many Balls in front of everybody. Didn’t make the cut.

  21. mikey1829 says:

    CLASSIC !!!

  22. KVNDV1 says:

    So, Leo Durocher tried out Mister Ed and Herman Munster. Have I missed anybody? LOL

  23. AutoGigolo says:

    LMAO 00:37 Gwynne socks Patrick in the head by accident! Kid rolls with the blow, though.

  24. 1029vbuday says:

    Phillies tryout new Rightfiielder

  25. 1029vbuday says:

    Phillies tryout new Rightfielder

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