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Muhammad Ali On The Sonny And Cher Show

Ali vs Cher For The Heavyweight Championship Of Poetry

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25 Responses to “Muhammad Ali On The Sonny And Cher Show”

  1. LedWhisky69 says:

    Wow, look at Cher’s body. Jesus Christmas!

  2. sheltv100 says:

    That was a good show.

  3. sunshineface0014 says:

    Haha you float like a hippo and you sting like my sister…. Lol

  4. boxingjos says:

    @AnglOsAxOn2 Well, it was a while ago and Im not sure what gym it was. If I recall right, this was a group of boxing kids age 12-17, from all over the world, who live in ‘camps’ waiting for asylum in our country or been trown out.

  5. AnglOsAxOn2 says:

    @boxingjos Then is he really into boxing? I ask becuase when I was, I learnt about fighters from the 1800′s. Learning about your chosen sport is really the only way to be come good.

  6. ambertjeblue says:

    I had no idea this existed. But we never got many American shows in the UK. Just the series, kilike Miami Vice etc. This is vintage gold.

  7. yolo1998 says:

    hahahaha I love it!

  8. johnwaynewasafaggot says:

    ali, you fake.
    why didn’t ya do the decent thing and punch her friggin’ lights out?

  9. boxingjos says:

    Indeed it is. Its hard to get them interested too. I tell them boxing kids about Ali and some other greats; they just dont care about the herritage. Funny thing is: in other combatsports, say kickboxing , judo and karate, they have more knowledge of Ali than the pure-bread boxingstudents.
    The spirit is gone too; you hurt them young boxing kids, they wont come back next time. I they knew their history, theyd know it all about styles & spirit .
    ->Prospects wont choose boxing.

  10. lamlyn says:

    @boxingjos that’s sad to hear :(

  11. funkyfaz55 says:

    this was fixed

  12. MoztExcellent says:

    They should have a rematch on Grindtime lol

  13. Toracube says:

    Funniest thing I have seen in ages. Thanks for posting it.

  14. boxingjos says:

    Today I had to explain to a young kid at the gym who Ali was.
    He was 23 and didnt know Ali…

  15. BlueLeopard200 says:

    lol that was brilliant

  16. vorjay says:

    @bandstand54 she already looks like someone beat her in the face.

  17. Blackjesus3 says:

    aliiiiiii :D baby

  18. 007rocksalotmann says:

    Ali rocks!

  19. IanRush77 says:

    Ali should have beat Cher

  20. 2strokebandit says:

    …In the olders mister
    you float like a hippo and
    sting like my sister ….

    rofl all the way :D

  21. TheCheungi says:

    Ali showing what a talent he is… one of a kind,love it

  22. PapaMagnum says:

    Holy crap this was super funny.

  23. kishanvekaria says:

    That guy in the yellow jumper in Ali’s corner looks alot like bruce lee

  24. Mizan215 says:

    Feb 18, in 1977

  25. Karachay1 says:


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