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Mr. Peppermint’s Cane is Stolen

What Occurs Next?

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3 Responses to “Mr. Peppermint’s Cane is Stolen”

  1. KrisForges says:

    This is fucking insane, who would ever steal Mr. Peppermint’s cane? I know, I know, it looks like he can walk fine, but that’s only over short distances and with a crew at hand to catch him if he falls. But throw the full length of a packed Kohl’s or a Mervy’ns California parking lot during the holidays, and this guy is just completely fucked! I just do not understand the utter sadism it takes to steal a cane from a guy like Mr. Peppermint. Fcuk this!

  2. ultamatebeatlefan says:

    So this is the lead singer of the Butthole Surfers dad?…………. Sweet

  3. alphajtango says:


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