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Movie Legends – William Boyd- Hopalong Cassidy

Actor and Star of the character ‘Hopalong Cassidy’
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25 Responses to “Movie Legends – William Boyd- Hopalong Cassidy”

  1. jakepontillo says:

    @coldiron7777 Absolutely. He was my hero when I was a child and looking at this I can see why – brought tears to my eyes, too. God, it was good to be one of Hoppy’s guys!

  2. McGrenzer says:

    The luminous face of one of my childhood heroes. Thanks so much, basil.

  3. ebfan41 says:

    What a cowboy hero “Hoppy” was and how grand he looked sitting on his horse”Topper”. All the kids in the neighborhood watched the “Hopalong Cassidy” Show on Sat. morning.I loved your tribute video to William Boyd. Very interesting pictures and video. 5*****

  4. SourcefulGamer says:

    Im related to William Boyd, I had no Idea how popular he was back in the day after I just looked up his name on Google. William Boyd Lie’s on my grandpa’s side of the family. It’s really amazing these day’s with what you can find on the internet if you want to look up your family’s history.

  5. stojiny says:

    Your video of Hoppy is one of the best that I’ve seen, photos and music. If he was still living, he would be very proud of this. He was my favorite when I was growing up. I had a 78rpm record of him telling stories and listened to it for many, many years. Thank you very much for this piece. Take care, Stojiny

  6. oldschoolpaulie says:

    @LkOutMtnMan Yes, he was an actor who became the character.

  7. LkOutMtnMan says:

    @oldschoolpaulie Great thing about Hoppy was that he was sort of a scoundrel until he realized that kids looked up to him and he changed, started living up to the image he represented, made himself into the hero we all wanted to see riding Topper! And for my part I’m glad he wasn’t another singing cowboy!

  8. Bandtrip50 says:

    This is when we had real heroes.
    Now we have Rap gangsters.

    Just about everything sucks today. Even with
    the great technology.

  9. tunester13 says:

    A beautiful video remembrance of Hoppy — my favorite cowboy hero of the past. Very well assembled and the music was very good too. An outstanding tribute.

  10. whitt702 says:

    Not only Robert Mitchum, but there was Clark Gable in one of the early ones, too. Did you know that. I will have to hunt all through my books, but I can find it.

  11. 68lifeguard says:

    I have watched many Hoppy movies recently and Bob Mitchum and George Reeves and Lee J. Cobb were in a few of his movies

  12. 106732 says:

    Did you notice Robert Mitchum.? he played a bad guy in several Hoppy movies long before he became a star

  13. goldman8073 says:

    TV came to Australia in 1957, and William Boyd also came to Australia, as far as I can remember mid 1960′s. He was mobbed where-ever he went – as Hopalong was very popular at that time.
    Great music by the way – and great memories come flooding back. Thanks for posting.

  14. basilnelson says:

    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the video tribute. Hoppy’s white stallion was named Topper.

  15. Olivergoons says:

    Thanks very much for putting Hoppy on, I’m from Australia and of course T.V. didn’t come out till 1963 I think..the first time I layed eyes on a T.V. it was Hoppy riding up to the screen on a white horse, I was inlove! all in black and a good guy..I walked around the back of the box and couldn’t figure out where the picture was coming from! I waited for Hoppy every time he came on, does anyone remember the
    name of his beautiful horse? The best cowboy for kids.

  16. misspaddylee says:

    Wow! That was nice.

  17. oldschoolpaulie says:

    There’s a photo in that montage of James Arness in the “Matt Dillon” costume, and Boyd in the “Hoppy” custome, facing each other. Anyone know where this came from? I know Arness was not in any “Hoppy” episodes, and I don’t think “Hoppy” was ever on a Gunsmoke episode. Were they in a film together?

  18. oldschoolpaulie says:

    Go with God, Hoppy

  19. coldiron7777 says:

    I disagree. Bill Boyd became Hopalong. His contribution to young people in that era is immeasurable. The fact that watching that tribute now as a 66 year old man brought tears to my eyes says it all.

  20. Islandjerry says:

    Outstanding, simply outstanding. Thank you
    Jerry Lames

  21. flushing5 says:

    The character of Hopalong Cassidy was very important to kids growing up in the fifties. I can still hear “Hoppy’s” laugh. It was very comforting to live in a world where you knew the bad guys were going to be punished.

  22. niceguy63073 says:

    I know that he made a lot of films but I have never seen any of them. He is one of those actors that I have to catch up with; i don’t know enough about him.

  23. rocha39 says:

    omg this is a wonderful composition, William Boyd was a stayer and fine actor

    You outdid yourself Baz, ty very much x

  24. basilnelson says:

    Yes, I agree with you. There was certainly more to William Boyd than just ‘Hopalong Cassidy’. Glad you enjoyed the video! BAZ

  25. dia33386 says:

    Baz~ Wonderful tribute to William Boyd! Gotta *love* your musical bkgds – the BEST!
    Always thought it rather sad that b/c of his
    “serial” role as that one character – he never made in other movies. Heaven knows he had the looks, the *voice* & (I believe) the talent to be more.

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