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Mork & Mindy – The Second Season

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  1. Ashley "conga1985" says:
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    WOO-HOO!! IT’S ABOUT TIME!, January 1, 2007
    This review is from: Mork & Mindy – The Second Season (DVD)

    For quite sometime future “Mork & Mindy” releases seemed pretty darn unlikely. Lots of fans were afraid that we would never ever see season two released. To my surprise, however, Paramount has come through for us!

    Here are the episode listings for season 2:
    1. Mork in Wonderland (1) – Mork shrinks after taking a cold capsule.

    2. Mork in Wonderland (2) – While shrunk, Mork finds himself in an odd world.

    3. Stark Raving Mork – To keep excitement in his relationship with Mindy, Mork starts fights with her and then wants to kiss and make up.

    4. Mork’s Baby Blues – Due to a misunderstanding about Monopoly money, gold-digger Kathy believes Mork is rich, and claims she is carrying his child.

    5. Dr. Morkenstein – Working as a security guard in a science museum, Mork befriends a robot.

    6. Mork vs. Mindy – After Mork and Mindy are hired as campaign workers by Mindy’s cousin, Nelson Flavor, who is running for city councilman, they end up competing for the same job.

    7. Mork Gets Mindy-itis – Mork discovers he is allergic to Mindy, when he has uncontrollable fits of laughter (the Orkan equivalent to sneezing) around her.

    8. A Morkville Horror – On Halloween, Mork and Mindy believe the house she grew up in is haunted.

    9. Mork’s Health Hints – While in the hospital, Mindy is mistakenly scheduled for brain surgery.

    10. Dial ‘N’ for Nelson – When Nelson receives threatening phone calls, Mork and Mindy investigate a shady club.

    11. Mork vs. The Necrotons (1) – Mork is romanced by another alien.

    12. Mork vs. The Necrotons (2) – Mork is threatened by another alien.

    13. Hold That Mork – Mork becomes a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos, making him pro football’s first male cheerleader.

    14. Exidor Affair – Exidor wants to propose to a meter maid and asks Mork for help.

    15. The Mork Syndrome – Mork goes on a secret mission for the Air Force.

    16. Exidor’s Wedding – Exidor’s mother shows up and tries to keep her son from getting married.

    17. A Mommy for Mindy – When Mindy’s dad visits with a younger woman he has just married, Mork is happy, but Mindy is not.

    18. The Night They Raided Mind-skis – Mindy is targeted by a bigoted fanatical group.

    19. Mork Learns to See – When Mr. Bickley’s blind son comes to visit, Mork learns to see the world differently.

    20. Mork’s Vacation – Needing a vacation, Mork gets Orson’s permission to swap bodies with other aliens.

    21. Jeanie Loves Mork – Mindy secretly writes for a newspaper’s lonely hearts column and unknowingly gives advice to Jeanie, who then falls for Mork.

    22. Little Orphan Morkie – Mork could be deported, unless he marries an American or finds someone to adopt him.

    23. Looney Tunes and Morkie Melodies – Mork recruits his friends to turn the hour devoted to Nelson’s 7am, Saturday morning campaign speech into a variety show for kids.

    24. Clerical Error – Mork thinks he is a priest when he dresses in a black jacket and white collar, and begins advising church parishioners.

    25. Invasion of the Mork Snatchers – When Mork becomes addicted to advertising, he becomes a “buy-a-holic”, causing problems for Mindy.

    26. The Way Mork Were – When marital problems plague Mindy’s father, he turns to Mork and Mindy for help.

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  2. Twiddles42 says:
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Eternally grateful! Can’t wait for season 3!, April 21, 2007
    Twiddles42 (MN, USA) –

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    This review is from: Mork & Mindy – The Second Season (DVD)

    In 1978, “Mork and Mindy” was a ratings smash. However, the network changed the format and nixed Mindy’s father (Fred) and grandmother (Cora) as one means of ‘retooling’ the show, which simply proves the suits don’t even know when success sits on their lap! But I digress. Season 2′s ratings were said to have plummeted, which prompted the network to bring back Fred and Cora (YES!!!), but having rewatched season 2, the episodes are riotously funny and with the usual moralizing messages we gen X’ers grew up on… and promptly forgot to follow, but who said anyone was perfect?

    In this season, we are treated to some of the series’ best wit to date: Starting with the premiere episode, Mork takes a cold medicine that shrinks nasal membranes and he in turn shrinks to nothing because Orkans are nothing more than membranes… it was an hour long special. This episode freaked me as a child and still retains much of its power – even special effects were surprisingly successful and hold up rather well overall, even if there is a ‘fluidity’ problem with some of the zooming close-ups. That’s how it was made, as was said by another it was not a DVD defect. And the moralizing over the energy crisis is also an interesting non-plot point for the first 5 minutes of the story.

    Later we get to meet Mork’s vile enemies – the dreaded Necrotons. Show this to a non-fan, it’ll hook ‘em right away. And not just because Raquel Welch stars as the main Necroton and proves she really is a considerable actress and not merely a body with an incidental brain attached… but because of the jokes; many of which come out of nowhere yet whose relevance are staggeringly funny. In 1980, Robin Williams’ lines and improv combined with the smiley-faced boxers had me laughing; re-watching it again yesterday had me laughing for far, far more reasons. Netflix or buy it for this episode alone! This one is also a special 1-hour entry.

    Another highlight to this season is when Mork is lulled into television commercials – it is another high point and extremely well written episode.

    Never mind that Robin Williams and Pam Dawber play against/with each other extremely well. Even if the low-point episodes are less than special (namely the rehash of the season 1 episode where Mork has to deal with the immigration people… and the clip show featuring the temporary return of Fred), Robin and Pam put in top rated performances, with dialogue to ensure you’ll be laughing in hysterics, and I don’t say that lightly.

    True, I missed Fred and Cora, but I know they will return. But the suits, for once, had a point and season 2 really contains a high number of gems — even with the ditzy politician and deli owners who migrated from New York. They were never the same, but they weren’t bad. But as we all know, Fred and Cora were the best sidekicks.

    DVD quality – while the images look a bit soft and there’s plenty of film speckles, it doesn’t detract. Color saturation is beautiful and the episodes are fairly spaced amongst the 4 discs. The packaging is cheaper, but considering how season 1 wasn’t entirely profitable, what counts most in a DVD (the level of compression in the episodes) was retained. I am highly grateful that they kept with the 4 disc format. KUDOS!! :)

    I hope season 2 is successful so season 3 can come out as well. It too features a number of gems, including the hour-long opener “Put the Ork Back Into Mork”.

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  3. Allen Chapman says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Going cheap this time around, April 18, 2007
    Allen Chapman (STAFFORD SPRINGS, CT USA) –

    This review is from: Mork & Mindy – The Second Season (DVD)

    After the first season of “Mork & Mindy” failed to be a huge seller, Paramount took awhile to roll out season two. But it’s out now, however this time around it’s the no frills version (same with the new season two sets for “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley”). The four discs are packaged in a clear single snap case and the episode info is printed on the inside of the case. Gone are the rainbow colored discs from season one replaced with drab gray printed discs. All that aside the episodes are all here. The overall picture quality is really good. The first episode of the second season was a one hour premiere and the first half is shot on film because of the special effects and the quality is less than stellar, but that is because of how the episode was shot. As with the previous season some music has been changed for DVD release, but the series didn’t use a lot of music so it’s not a big loss. Hopefully if this season sells well enough season three won’t be far behind. Perhaps the budget cuts will make it possible for the last two seasons to get released soon.

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