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Mork And Mindy TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1978

Bizarre tv comedy with Robin Williams as Mork from Ork, who is an alien hatched from an egg, sent to investigate Earth and report back to his superiors. As an outsider, Mork is unfamiliar with human customs and typically questions some of the strange traditions that we take for granted. Much of the humor relies on Williams’ exclusive comic voices and mannerisms. The show was maybe most well-known for Mork’s saying, ‘nanoo nanoo.’ Boulder, Co. Mork is a bumbling alien from the planet Ork sent to Earth, in his egg, to study it is inhabitants. He will report to his unseen superior, Orson, until reassigned. On Earth, he meets Mindy McConnell, an average woman who takes him in and shelters him. On befriending Mork, she signs herself up for some wacky adventures as Mork learns about human life, acting (and looking) really eccentric along the way. In addition to spouting “nanoo, nanoo”, Mork had an uncanny ability to impersonate celebrity voices. Eventually, the relationship between Mork and Mindy jumped from a strong friendship to romance, and they married, ultimately bearing a son, Mearth from Earth, who aged backwards like his father. 1978
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Mork And Mindy TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1978”

  1. perfris says:

    when I was a kid, I cried often about how sad it was (MORK AND MINDY ,my uncle from Mars, it was called in Denmark) that he should be on thebeing on the earth’s surface when he would rather be home on Mars. I probably misunderstand it allbut I loved the series, 

  2. 00009shooter says:

    not at all bizarre.

  3. TheScorpio4lyfe says:

    Wow! I loved this show. Mork scared me as a kid..i was like a dude came from outer I really loved this show though. They made an excellent combo.

  4. kallemick says:

    @daniellezcookie96 nevermind i found an episode on youtube and i loved it apart from happy days and married….. with children this is one of the funniest sitcoms i have ever watched XD

  5. kallemick says:

    @daniellezcookie96 me too im 15 (16 soon) and i fucking love the 50′s and happy days is the best show thats ever been made i havent watchd mork and mindy but i have seen it on dvd in denmark which is suprising XD but im actully interested since its related to my favorite show so if you know any site where i can watch just 1 episode to decided whether or not i should buy it please tell me :)


    Gee whiz!! Was the stupid logo “retro rebirth”around in 1978???
    I think not…..How can some douche come in and try to take credit or associate their own agenda with NETWORK Property??? What a lousy low-life world!

  7. gothatway09 says:

    @jestearns I agree. This show’s opening credits are LOADED with NOSTALGIA, especially for my early, early childhood. The actual series was very middle brow entertaintment, certainly not deep TV, but harmelss fun.

  8. daniellezcookie96 says:

    im 15 now and this and happy days r my favorite shows of all time !!!

  9. philnolan3d says:

    @SuperMibMasters They look a good bit like Darth Vader, which is curious since this show started one year after Star Wars came out.

  10. dre7509 says:

    i remember in our house time stopped when this show came on…….my brother and i luuuuuved it!!

  11. musiclover77able says:

    Mork and Mindy was the shit. I used to watch this as a little kid in the early 80s.

  12. SuperMibMasters says:

    Those three alien dudes in the black cloaks and metal helmets look pretty fucking evil to me.

  13. tecnoborg75 says:

    i alwasys had a crush on

  14. BricktownBubba says:

    Mork sure had a lot of rainbow clothing.

  15. bran0234 says:

    @bazzaman911 go figure

  16. bazzaman911 says:

    @bran0234 they show re-runs in australia

  17. MrRizzy1990 says:

    @kotraquin yeah Pam was hot!!

  18. sirsmokealot3d says:

    Elizabeth Kerr is hot!

  19. Morgan132Rulez says:

    nanoo nanoo!!!!!!

  20. NinjaGhostScorpion says:

    @mysterycheez Translated from Orkan, that means, “Nuts!”

  21. ebandd says:

    Late 70s/early 80s television was fucking terrible. Anybody who longs for the good ole days of moro and Mindy and the Jeffersons is a fucking retard.

  22. ladyGagaFan566 says:

    0:40 – ):42 go grandma!!

  23. jestearns says:

    The best thing about this silly show was the opening credits.

  24. derpestarzt says:

    @jabmalassie True Blood is shite, apparently vampires can move at ultra speed but only when it’s convenient for the storyline same as with the sensing-when-someone-who-drank-your-blood-is-in-danger thing, then they introduced shape-shifters, werewolves and even “werepanthers” that are basically the same than shape-shifters but they can only turn into panthers lol but besides all that the writing is just really bad after the first season.

  25. mysterycheez says:

    klonk! “Shazbat!” haha :D

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