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Morecambe and Wise – Positive Thinking

It just makes you feel happy! Taken from the 76 Christmas Show, it`s interesting to note from the credits that Eddie Braben had nothing to do with the writing of that show.

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25 Responses to “Morecambe and Wise – Positive Thinking”

  1. BringMeSunshine31 says:

    when me and my best mate fell out, all I did was listen to this for days! It really cheers you up! :D LOVE YOU TWO!
    R.I.P xxx

  2. nylonTS says:

    in bussiness i sing this song when times are tough and it works

  3. mellison19590 says:

    Also….5 people are utter trolls. How can you dislike a cheerful song sung by two people who ooze happiness???

  4. mellison19590 says:

    When I feel down, I just play this until I’m cheery again (normally after a single play through) :D Just doing the their Groucho dance a little bit is a brilliant way to make those blues disappear. You might look silly if you do it in the street, but what a small price to pay to return to a state of happiness :)

  5. MrRobbiemoo says:

    Great stuff. Watching this cheers up any down mood you might have!

  6. chipsy1967 says:

    Superb. Great song, delivered in style by the guvnors. You can’t help but raise a smile!

  7. MrMethane1 says:

    Always prefered this ending over bring me sunshine, poss because BMS was used so much that a change is sometimes as good as a rest.

  8. femaleanimal says:

    @geronimojordann this is their famous “Groucho” dance. Groucho Marx did a similar dance in one of the marx Brotheres films. Their producer John Ammonds saw it, showed Eric and Ernie, they loved it and incorporated it into their shows. It`s the only end dance they did, but they didn`t always do it exactly the same!

  9. geronimojordann says:

    There was another show ending they did when Eric Morecambe did a similar dance to that off, but that’s not quite it… Any ideas?? :D

  10. josephbevan96 says:

    Best Ending tune!

  11. movigrove01 says:

    @theawakener7 exactly what I was thinking

  12. snowyowl0 says:

    @theawakener7 I’m torn between this and “Always look on the bright side of life”.

  13. XbutterflygirlxXx says:

    OMG thats cnt believe thts them at 1:34!!! awwww :)

  14. incloco says:

    Jolly Good Show

  15. SuperGingernutz says:

    @FunnyThingy So do I! I have saved lots of their sketches to simply click onto and I’m laughing in no time. Morecambe and Wise – they are a masterclass in real comedy with that added ingredient. WARMTH!

  16. SciFiFangirlsFTW says:

    Much as I love this song, spring is my least favorite season. Can I treat every season as summer instead? =D

  17. Drblooter99 says:

    One of those catchy pieces of fluff that lighten your heart — like Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, and Gingerbread Man, and of course Bring Me Sunshine!

  18. mcbegg says:

    Total class, they were the best, I do miss their show there is nothing that comes close to it.

  19. ddemaine says:

    @GrandiaKnight I believe this was the B-side of BMS, when the single was released in 1968, so they performed this on telly sometimes for a change

  20. DarkMoonShines says:

    @angloswisslad Same here :) I watched the ’77 one as well on bbc iplayer

  21. startrekfreak900 says:

    just split up with my girlfriend and this song is helping a lot

  22. temujin888 says:


  23. cherielowden1 says:

    5 people are numpties

  24. NickyLess says:

    Just had the worst day and this one song has managed to cheer me up in seconds :) thank you Eric and Ernie :) your genius lives on.

  25. zarkbot88 says:

    @STEELE2211 “Too much cynicism around today i think – time for a break”

    forget just a break, let’s try a lifetime

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