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Monty Python – Strangers In The Night

from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Season 1 – Episode 10 Untitled Recorded 30-11-69, Aired 21-12-69 It starts with some rather amusing letters to ‘Daily Mirror’ and it ends with some of Terry Gilliam’s best animated bits Enjoy!
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25 Responses to “Monty Python – Strangers In The Night”

  1. thatsucks1000 says:

    OMG John Cleese the alligator
    who got eaten by an ostrich….
    who got eaten by pigs
    who got eaten by… a whale… thing
    who then was reincarnated as a rat
    then squished

  2. gopiikrisshna says:

    @MarcusSLazarus Tha woman is Carolae Donaghue. Not the best of the ladies from Monty Python. My favourite is Donna Reading.

  3. SirCrapsAlotTheThird says:

    I loved how all the animals just ate eachother randomly.

  4. EdTheGringo says:

    @neoprankster she’s too old to be Connie

  5. neoprankster says:

    @EdTheGringo She probably could be Connie Booth.

  6. ABB3L144 says:

    this reminds me of the whitest kids you know

  7. ahr8p says:

    The animations @ the end are divine!

  8. acerflots says:

    hahahahahaha awesome

  9. samuelmichaud says:

    lol Don’t talk to the camera! oh sorry..

  10. murielsartre says:

    @DarkRubberDucky, @Hollybeth84: His name is Ian Davidson and he’s in a number of Python sketches. He went to Oxford with Terry Jones and Michael.

  11. DarkRubberDucky says:

    I know! I love him, but I looked online and couldn’t find any mention of him! If you ever find out, tell me, too.

  12. Hollybeth84 says:

    who plays the guy from the mexican band? i’ve seen him in many sketches and have no idea who he is

  13. DarkRubberDucky says:

    Best joke about cheating ever! LoL!

  14. Endrawnia says:

    @HorrorFrogPrincess aye lol

  15. TheartoFbreaKng says:

    Dear old Codgers, I am President of the United States of America.
    Yours truly, R. M. Nixon
    Best part of teh whole thing xD

  16. murielsartre says:

    And of course, Maurice Zapathique wouldn’t be a proper Frenchie if he didn’t bring a loaf of bread.

  17. ThemanonlyknownasTom says:

    *Wakes up* What’s happening, Vera?

  18. dharmaseed says:

    And why is Biggles first name ‘Ken’?

  19. tarlcabot18 says:

    Pfew. Bet that’s a job and a half, ma’am.

  20. Baronofevil says:

    Ahaha. I loved that animation at the end. An ostritch sucking up a crocodile, and a flying whale eating a pig.

  21. baigandine says:

    That ending reminded me of the climax of Star Wars 1.

  22. xXimrealynotokayXx says:

    Hahaha, everyone wants them some Terry!! XD

  23. pertiegurlie says:

    my little hedgehog!

  24. Liam892008 says:

    Right O’!

  25. EdTheGringo says:

    no she’s not carol cleveland but i have no idea who she is..

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