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Monkees – Daydream Believer – Music Video From TV – Clear

Here’s the clear tv version of Daydream Believer, enjoy.

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25 Responses to “Monkees – Daydream Believer – Music Video From TV – Clear”

  1. Brittney123ish says:

    @Edwardgirl696 lol I agree.. It was a fantastic book and the song is very catchy( been humming it all day) :) What did you think of the book?

  2. Brittney123ish says:

    @itgurl877 lol I finnished it too! did you like it? I loved it but I want soo badly for her to write another one!! I don’t want to use my imagination to finnish it I want her to lol.

  3. itgurl877 says:

    @brittney123ish I AM or was atleast. i finished the trilogy this morning:P

  4. Edwardgirl696 says:

    @Brittney123ish Lol Im reading that too! Chloe’s mom had good taste in music ;)

  5. furrypartners says:

    The employees of FurryPartners wake up at 6am without an alarm and get right with the constitution thing…each and every day!!!

  6. Brittney123ish says:

    @itgurl877 Sorry are you reading “The awakening”? cuz I’m doing the same thing :3

  7. itgurl877 says:

    i was only curious cuz this was mentioned in the book i’m reading right now…….

  8. missy196744 says:

    oh yeahhhh

  9. mrsmagloo says:

    My theme song! I have a photo of myself and Davy on my bureau. My name is Jean, of course. He’s a great guy!

  10. Jleedubify says:

    Who remembers the sit-com ?

  11. StuartS17 says:

    The Monkees today,
    is called big time rush, it’s funny how everthing repeats it self

  12. 14nationalsocialist8 says:

    This is back when “musicians” actually had to have talent to succeed.

  13. DanikaJadeee says:

    Nice music, but his voice is too squeaky for me.

  14. MrJC1 says:

    @JhOn021 true… but even the beatles themselves said they were more like the Marx Bothers as did a lot of others. It didn’t ruin them though. It only proved a pointed but also allowed for individuality which showed. Fair play to em, and so they laughed… all the way to the bank!

  15. 255Danik says:

    11 people are crazy

    thumbs if you agree

  16. gwennie163 says:

    Davy Jones looks an awful lot like Tom Cruise…….Could he be his dad?

  17. JhOn021 says:

    they were made to be a copy of the beatles…

  18. totalbeast77 says:

    this is real music, original lyrics, not auto tuned and live. It’s just awesome

  19. TheJackiePaper says:

    That has got to be the coolest shirt ever!

  20. GypsyMichaels1957 says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

  21. alexisbug9 says:

    @FetaCheese222 Theres a part where the flying Duchman gets thrown into “Davy Jones’ Locker” And this random man came singing and said “Thats right! Your in my locker! To a dayyy dream believer, and a homecoming queen!” and then this song started to play a bit. I basically looked up what he said, and this is what I got. I really like it. Thanks spongebob!

  22. peasblossom1973 says:

    Peter Tork – the ultimate Monkee!!

  23. FetaCheese222 says:

    @alexisbug9 Wait, how?

  24. TnseWlms says:

    Mike looks like the group’s accountant.

  25. Prelestnost2 says:

    Aaaah you kids are all so tough today. Gay gay… no not gay just easygoing, relaxed, smart, talented, confident, unbrainwashed, beautiful… it’s how it used to be, fun and simple.

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