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Mitch Miller – Red River Valley


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18 Responses to “Mitch Miller – Red River Valley”

  1. Prophet4YAHWEH says:

    @TheARosemary We must IMMEDIATELY return to our great non-Catholic Christian Heritage if this dumb country is to survive. Amen.

  2. skiprydell1 says:

    His music was about a different world ….and HIS world has also passed….sad.

  3. Petroskeyful says:

    @TheARosemary Amen. What a wonderful sound he could produce. It transports me back 60 years to an age of innocence and joy.

  4. 2710Gerald says:

    RIP Mitch, Your songs never are forgotten.

  5. Supergungun says:

    Why did you die Mitch Miller?

  6. alfred377 says:


    Boy I thought I was the only one to remember this, man I was only 8 back then

  7. HoboGus says:

    Does anybody besides me remember the Mitch Miller Show with the bouncing ball?
    Gone but not forgotten!

  8. ArkansasAnnie says:

    RIP Mitch Miller, July 4, 1911 to July 31, 2010 . . . and thank you for the music.

  9. TheARosemary says:

    RIP Mitch, a bit of Americana is gone, but not forgotten.

  10. blueinfinite says:

    first it was jim morrison, then michael jackson, now THIS!!!
    What the hell’s goin on people?????

  11. Gimmer3 says:

    Miss Greg eat your heart out he is coming to join you now!

  12. TheBirdfan1966 says:

    RIP Mitch!

  13. dcwoodardjr says:

    This tune has been keeping me up nights, Glad to have found the one I am looking for. Wish Roy Rogers had been singing lead on this version. Now to set to work on a Euphonium/Tuba Choir Arrangement.

  14. dcwoodardjr says:

    Does bring the tears, now for a Euphonium/Tuba Arrangement

  15. interiorhighlands says:

    cant listen without crying

  16. spersacatt311 says:

    hey crazy lazy frazy song

  17. owg59 says:

    hey, where’s the bouncing ball?

  18. asv822 says:

    I love listening Mitch Miller songs,that is a pretty song.

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