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Mistral’s Daughter

Mistral’s Daughter

The Star-Studded CBS Mini-Series Event
Starring Stacy Keach, Stephanie Powers, Lee Remick, Robert Urich and Timothy Dalton
Based on the Best-Selling Novel by Judith Krantz Witness three generations of magnificent red-haired beauties born to s

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List Price: $ 39.98

Price: $ 18.62

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5 Responses to “Mistral’s Daughter”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Mistral’s Daughter
    Mistrals Daughter is excellent, expecially if you are a hopeless romantic like me. Stephanie Powers is very believeable as the 18ish country girl who arrives in Paris hoping to find love and success as an artist’s model. A reality check occurs when the object of her affection, Mistral, played by Stacy Keach turns out to be more interested in himself and his own pursuits as an artist, than his realtionship with “Maggie Lunel”(Powers). Broken hearted, Maggie is pursued and falls for the enigmatic wealthy American from New York played by dashing (and young)Timothy Dalton. Tragedy folows “Maggie” all of her days and the story follows three generations of Lunel women. Their romances intertwine with Mistral and his illegitimate daughter. Worth watching on the couch witha hot cup of tea and an afghan. Enjoy!

  2. Straight Arrow says:

    Review by Straight Arrow for Mistral’s Daughter
    It’s been over twenty years since this miniseries first aired but who can forget Stacy Keach’s performance as the artist Julian Mistral or the part played by the late Lee Remick as a conniving and scheming woman who stopped at nothing to trap and keep Mistral in a lovless marriage. This epic love story spans several generations and reveals the level of despair and sheer decadance some of the characters fell into during this span and how their lives remained forever interwoven. You can almost feel Mistral’s pain in his last days as it is revealed how his paintings came to reflect his anguish and guilt for having refused shelter during WWII to acquaintances of the Jewish Faith and how that refusal ultimately led to their deaths at the hands of the Nazis. With his death and through his will, he finally gets revenge for the years of dispair he endured during his loveless marriage and the tragic loss of the only woman he truly ever loved. The miniseries was filmed almost entirely in Europe and the scenery is dazzling; the acting superb. Of course the beautiful Stephanie Powers and handsome Timothy Dalton also helped beautify the scenery! This is a three to four hanky movie. Enjoy!

  3. beckqueck says:

    Review by beckqueck for Mistral’s Daughter
    This dvd is my favorite. I love the storyline. It is so romantic.

  4. Lori J. Hansen says:

    Review by Lori J. Hansen for Mistral’s Daughter
    This was a good miniseries, I just love Stephanie Powers, she was great in this movie, it went a little fast for me, but i still loved it

  5. William Bucko says:

    Review by William Bucko for Mistral’s Daughter
    To me, someone who doesn’t normally watch miniseries based on Romance novels, the chief value of “Mistral’s Daughter” lies in its music score, penned by Vladimir Cosma. While I don’t think much of Mistral as an artist (he’s 10 times better than most 20th-century artists–which is not saying much) or of his morals, the music that underlies his creative moments is truly exceptional. I know of no other theme that so fully captures the GLORY and PASSION of artistic creation–it is lush, it is thrilling, it is unforgettable. Rachmaninoff would have been proud of it.
    (Unfortunately, the most extended passage of this theme has been cut from recent TV showings.)

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