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Mister Rogers on The Rosie O’Donnell Show

This was from 1996. Mister Rogers appears on The Rosie O’ Donnell Show with Daniel Striped Tiger and King Friday.
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25 Responses to “Mister Rogers on The Rosie O’Donnell Show”

  1. snipedzable says:

    nobody dislikes mr rogers!

  2. exitwest says:

    @bcg72 yeah, its like she was a totally different person. Its too bad she had to go off the deep end.

  3. crazyhorse1369 says:

    The cat voice was creepy comming from a grown man lol

  4. GregERobertson says:

    @johnqpublic912 so true .. this program was his ministry and to dedicate one’s life to the education of children and through the two best mediuns; imagination and music. If there is indeed a heaven, MisteRogers inhabits a large part of it.

  5. darthsideous1968 says:

    Mr Rogers was a very kind and gentle person and I can remember watching his show when I was a kid back in the early to mid 70′s.
    I was saddened when he passed because this troubled world sure could use more kind and gentle pple like Fred Rogers in it.
    God bless you and keep you Fred Rogers and thank you for the good feelings and memmories sir.

  6. draziom902 says:

    mr rogers RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Irishflyboy255 says:

    Oh man, you can see her becoming a kid again! THAT IS THE POWER OF ROGERS!!!

  8. bcg72 says:

    Ah, Rosie! Back when she was the queen of nice! Remember?

  9. bobgirlxx96 says:

    He is such a beautiful man. Children these days need someone like him as a role model instead of the jokes on t.v. now.

  10. blamtasticful says:

    No dislikes! We should all aspire to be like this man!

  11. HaoWenXiang says:

    Mr. Rogers was red-green color blind. It would have been next to impossible for him to be in the armed forces, let alone in a capacity as an expert sharpshooter.

  12. markthewhalekiller says:

    @The1onTV Aye, times have changed, but some things always stay the same. Rogers was a benchmark. A standard. A mountain on the horizon. Pity he’s gone now. The old generation will always worry for the new, but for a good three generations this man was on the air. He was a constant. The world could use another man like him.

  13. orlandowill says:

    Aw love this. I grew up with his show. What a beautiful man.

  14. randomnessbeawesom13 says:


  15. wassup287 says:

    Rogers: Nature shows that tears and sweat bring out the best in us

  16. cynthiakgibson says:

    with tears in my eyes…

  17. WhatTheFlyinFudge says:

    This man is Jesus.

  18. gdc222 says:

    More on topic though…. 3:46. The entire audience gasping all at the same time gives me chills.

  19. gdc222 says:, do a search on Mr. Rogers. 3 minutes of reading and you’ll find out that he definitely didn’t have any military tattoos or sniper kills, because you usually have to be in the military first as a prerequisite. Simple.

    …..And now for the ignorant “omg how do you know snopes knows for sure!??!?!” posts…..which will make the rest of us laugh.

  20. The1onTV says:

    If he tried to launch his career today, people would call him retarded and mock his demeanor till the cows come home. Yet we all have fond memories of this great man. Just something to think about.

  21. 111111se says:

    Mr. Rogers really was the only person who understood how life should have been lived.

  22. wheels85 says:

    I stand corrected, that was an awesome interview!

  23. wheels85 says:

    That was an awesome entrance!

  24. AbramBergstrom says:

    I’m going to be Mr. Rogers for Halloween! I even ordered a replica Daniel Striped Tiger puppet. I wanted to find a video to make sure I have the costume right. The cardigans are indelible in my memory as a child, but I wanted to see the man himself together with Daniel on video.

  25. JonasClark says:

    @fwbh Is a copy of this posted? Otherwise, I call BS on this. Another episode (don’t know the number, but there’s footage on YouTube) shows him going swimming. Nope. No tattoos.

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