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Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate

In 1969, Fred Rogers appeared before the United States Senate Subcommittee on Communications. His goal was to support funding for PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, in response to significant proposed cuts by President Nixon.

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25 Responses to “Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate”

  1. SpiritoftheEmperor says:

    Mr Rogers was a hipster.

  2. RespectShmaa says:

    @rsandoval89 and your saying they werent doing that back in 1969? lol

  3. KrisdashPaul says:

    anyone who disagrees, should be shot. or maybe we could just talk it through :)

  4. BabyFarley91 says:

    he sounds like Cleveland from Family Guy lol

  5. WebVMan says:

    Yes. There should be a Like button and a Love button.

  6. auggiedoggy says:

    @kagasan2008 : You mean his shows aren’t being replayed? They bring back other shows but not one as impactful as this one? Unbelievable!

  7. chainsawninjalcemist says:

    @auggiedoggy I’d say even having the dislike button on this video to be to much.

  8. kenyakassandra says:

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  9. paperkite03 says:

    My hero. :) Surely he’s an angel on earth. :)

  10. sluggo06 says:

    @GenghisKhan44 freakin love Mr Rogers

  11. sluggo06 says:

    @rumpranger65 you read The Bible?

  12. sluggo06 says:

    @NobudeezDaughter i grew up on him. i hope this generation of kids do as well.

  13. JPnintendofan says:

    He looks like Jimmy Stewart!

  14. GenghisKhan44 says:

    @sluggo06 Aye. A Presbyterian. A man of God. And it bled into his personality.
    God bless Mister Rogers. : )

  15. JohnWW7 says:

    @treysongzhtown You aren’t the only one, mate. I watched him religiously when I was very small, and he’s still special to me. Good memories.

  16. NobudeezDaughter says:

    Such an incredibly adorable man, lol.

  17. AChildMolester says:

    @jrjastud I could play him by merely talking in a slow, psychopathic manner and fondling kids

  18. AChildMolester says:

    “I care deeply about children”

    heh heh heh what a dirty old man

  19. hou12396 says:

    i dont think rogers ever got angry once in his life. he just kept his cool.

  20. Bluevetteboy2012 says:

    @thescaryman Hell yea! We could all be chilling just like Mr.Rogers is if it was Legel. I can just see him wearing a tye dye shirt.

  21. df61660a says:

    right on. i couldn’t agree more.

  22. jrjastud says:

    The only person that could ever play Mr. Roger’s in a movie would be Jimmy Stewart. Two of the greatest and most humble men to ever live.

  23. cainamkayak says:

    @rsandoval89 I agree with your sentiment, but I think actually this was part of a larger debate in which war was a very relevant issue. I only know a little about the context here, but it appears Nixon’s impetus for slashing the PBS funding (the reason this hearing was conducted in the first place) was, at least in part, to help pay for the Vietnam War. I see children’s TV and education not as a “better thing to debate” than war, but as a better side to take in the debate. Yay love. Boo war.

  24. pensh8r says:

    Thank you Mr. Rogers! We were lucky to have you in our homes. R.I.P.

  25. eyeh8nbc says:

    @BRYAN351 If the History Channel is ‘free to watch’, then how come I don’t get it on my TV? Doesn’t matter anyways because I wouldn’t want that big yellow H always on the screen.

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