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Mission: Impossible – Trailer

This video trailer is inspired by the original theatrical trailer of the film. This one is edited by me of course.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Mission: Impossible – Trailer”

  1. Pogogichel says:

    @07Thenightshadow who looks like ronaldo?

  2. Pogogichel says:

    @MrGeorgeHayduke I was shocked that Czerny wasn’t even 40 in this film D-: And I was shocked that he had no role in the sequels…

  3. enlightenedajna says:

    @SiMpSoN6644 absolutely. One of the best spy movies ever made.

  4. enlightenedajna says:

    @melisse1123 You are thinking of MI:4…..

  5. melisse1123 says:

    I really like the cast in this movie. Jeremy Renner is in it! And Josh Holloway from Lost. Plus Simon Pegg is awesome and he’s in it. I love when he does big budget films. Ensemble casts get me psyched to see films. The cast in Trespass is amazing with Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet and Liana Liberato. Great films with those actors bouncing off each other. It”s the last one I saw so Mission Impossible has a hard act to follow :P bitly .com/pi3MS1

  6. Harppuunamies says:

    @SiMpSoN6644 that’s a rog

  7. 07Thenightshadow says:

    he looks a little like C. Ronaldo

  8. AswinABM says:

    wooooooo hooooo !!!!!!

  9. adsasfd says:

    Fuck oof your a child of the 00s generation arnt you dont know shit about films, the first movie tried to give a complex narative with decent actors and characters the sequels were some god awful micheal bay knock offs and micheal bay sucks!

  10. SiMpSoN6644 says:

    I’ve never seen this but I’m considering watching it tonight. Should I?

  11. 1497Nelly says:

    yeeeaaaah Mission impossible 3 is better anyway :D D

  12. soundatstage says:

    no sequel can top this. awesome to the end.

  13. TheWolverineiscool says:

    no film is better than the matrix!

  14. msheale0 says:

    Back in the days when things were good and when tom cruise was awesome.lool.

  15. Stawrogin13 says:

    best mi film to date.

  16. the81kid says:

    The first film was an actual Mission Impossible… II, III and IV could be any generic “action” film, and just stick Mission Impossible in the title.

  17. ArnoTheJason says:

    Thumbs Up if you watching this in 2011 :)

  18. BeautifulRose16 says:

    Tom Cruise is one Gorgeous male.

  19. MrGeorgeHayduke says:

    @Harppuunamies Yes he was. Then again he’s awesome in everything he’s in.

  20. Harppuunamies says:

    @MrGeorgeHayduke He was also good in Clear & Present danger

  21. eboromir says:

    “-Why? … That is the question. ” LOL

  22. chanegreen019 says:

    this is freaking awesome!!!!

  23. wikusclass77 says:

    @MrGeorgeHayduke I agree!!!!!

  24. Ellipsis14 says:

    fuckin awesome film, the best out of the three.

  25. MrGeorgeHayduke says:

    Thumbs up Henry Czerny!

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