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Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)

the mission impossible full theme tune _really annoying nd catchy!

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25 Responses to “Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)”

  1. 15Sebastiannn says:

    60 People have never done a Mission >.>

  2. Astoria84 says:

    Better as the most reality secret services

  3. er6789er says:

    I’m old school but I love to work out to this….nice remix…

  4. connorp1614 says:

    60 people are D-Bags

  5. TheBrunetteBarbie11 says:

    who wants to go through walmart wearig ALL black and dart around with your hands making that shape of a gunn and humm this song?

  6. winnatti says:

    @lindsaaylouwho So true

  7. Champ50000 says:

    OMG! I has to do a speech tommorow, listened to this and I finished it! I never started it!

  8. 1cooldude11 says:


  9. sankar670538 says:

    @Chrysostone123 hahaha

  10. The7thsonof7thson says:

    the most Agent music in history.

  11. Kerriangel says:

    your mission should you choose to accept is to complete the two documents which have to be handed into your superiors within the next 24 hours. These documents have been in your possession the last week. Failure to complete this mission will result in severe trouble and the possibility of detention. Good luck and Godspeed. This message will now self-destruct.

  12. rs99654 says:

    who is this by??

  13. WhiteSparrow33 says:

    thumbs up if you think youre a very special secret agent when hearing this

  14. Fawrikawl says:

    @TheSatyam182 Double negative, monkeyboy!

  15. er6789er says:

    I’m from the old school but this version definitely works – Kudos for that – Thanks for the post!!

  16. panchelbel007 says:

    I like playing this at various times throughout the day. It makes my mundane tasks seem important. ^_^

  17. Lebenskraft says:

    America was a great country then.

  18. dobrin100 says:

    @KamiNoKazoku yeah :)

  19. gtamad3 says:

    @Chrysostone123 now 58 people is impossible ;P

  20. DeJaMZz says:

    @vanishy0urself yeah i checked the original out and that would be right

  21. kleenex3000 says:

    EPIC 5/4 rhythm is 5/4=125% EPIC

  22. Bleiss97 says:

    @lindsaaylouwho hahas my ezams are over so i am not sure. But this song is amazing!(:

  23. TheRepos426 says:

    @lindsaaylouwho LOL nice ill try to keep this in my head next time do homework which is lik monday

  24. vanishy0urself says:

    @DeJaMZz actually yes, but the original was entirely 5/4. If he was talking about one small part, then he’s right.

  25. PierXanthony says:

    @ladybugs199 … Really?!?!!?! WHATTHEFAK!!!!

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