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Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)

the mission impossible full theme tune _truly annoying nd catchy!

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25 Responses to “Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)”

  1. paulinethegreat1 says:

    That was awesome. All spies should have this on their iPod. Thanks for uploading!

  2. mapleleafmania says:

    i listen to this when i clean my room and it makes it so much more awesome!

  3. RandumBaker says:

    Tom Cruise’s shit is mysterious enough to move around in the toilet to this beat.

  4. kennaandbrittany says:

    i love this song haha

  5. inFAMOUSmaster says:


  6. demon666sj says:

    i believe that there r some fucked up people browsing around u tube just to dislike every popular and good video( be it of any category)

  7. TheMumbio says:

    I love this song but can’t find the notes of it!

  8. DaGamer64 says:

    for 110 people the mission was impossible

  9. Francheesecake13 says:

    I feel the need to go around my house acting like a ninja spy……

  10. extraORDINARY137 says:

    putting on iPod….gonna go downstairs and hide at midnight, playin this song… I shall experience invincibility.

  11. NickInfante92 says:

    this would be perfect for a metal gear solid game

  12. EXYQ says:

    “I’m walking down the street listening to my iPod on shuffle. The mission impossible theme music starts to play. I feel like a spy. My life is amazing”

    …Now if only I had an iPod…..

  13. NuclearBomb7755 says:

    @Mystro1989 Yeah thanks for the self destruct I dont know how I’m typing this but my computer exploded just because of your comment lol.

  14. noormobashirsami says:

    Ok, this is heavy stuff. Can we have Mission Impossible Lite, please?

  15. Mystro1989 says:

    your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find and assassinate 110 people. this comment will self distruct in 1 second.

  16. LuVs2BustWedges6933 says:

    neil zellick only jacks off to this song

  17. Amozon28 says:

    @starshine467 omg thats sooo freaky i just finished reading that THINGS TO DO AT WAL-MART and came hear to listen to the theme song….scary!!!

  18. sekailover says:

    Muehehehe! My Mission is to sneak in and Click the DIS-I-LIKE BUTTON!!! MUAHAHAH! DR.EVIL WIL WIN!!!!

  19. Rabbidsforevah says:

    110 people got shot by tom cruise while playing this music

  20. bigtack11 says:

    to do list: sneak around walmart playing this as loud as possible on my droid

  21. DevPack says:

    da daa da daa da daa dad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. kml61660 says:

    ski 40mph with this playing…..serious water weggie

  23. dodgex1 says:

    8 Hour TYPHONUS

  24. IronMan6123 says:

    @kckinsmcg thats funny

  25. lightbulbbill says:

    ” Watch out! There is a dislike button”
    “we better avoid it”

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