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mission impossible theme song

another secret agent spy movie theme song dont know if it made sense but to bad
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25 Responses to “mission impossible theme song”

  1. MegaSkoz says:

    lol omg so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  2. zeldak587 says:


  3. Ch3ck4vailability says:

    1:10 is kidnapped! we must rescue it!

  4. slowpoke152 says:

    My best friend’s playing this while stalking an ex-friend of mine on Facebook :P

  5. profkilenckilenc says:

    Mission IMPOSSIBRU!

  6. anonimous7996 says:

    Creeper: obsidian fort? Y this must be mission impossssible…

  7. patryk6887 says:

    96 people thought that this mission was possible

  8. Kunami says:

    @flizbarg Not quite, no.

  9. flizbarg says:

    @Kunami – Isn’t that what I said?

  10. Kunami says:

    @flizbarg No, they did it to make it more marketable and easier to dance to.

  11. flizbarg says:

    They ‘tarded it down to 4/4 cuz a 5 beat would just confuse The Great Unwashed…

  12. RunescapeTOOm says:

    @poopoo9035 Yay!

  13. poopoo9035 says:


  14. monsternikola says:


  15. missvv323 says:

    @VibrantSkiies why would you follow ppl? haha ;D agree

  16. Kruizlinx says:

    @RunescapeTOOm lol, going at it with the plugins:D haha nice one!

  17. RunescapeTOOm says:

    I put this on when I’m pretending I’m a CIA agent hacking something on the computer…
    But I’m actually updating my MineCraft.

  18. Dookie308 says:

    i didnt play this while sneaking around someones house in oblivion assasinating them, what are you talking about..

  19. lmbgemini says:

    I always loved this song. Might use it for my assignment project video.

  20. KingofDrums19 says:

    @Inkspeckle LMAO this is the music I have when I talk to women..just cuz I feel like it :D

  21. chocchip332 says:

    Sneaked out of the house when I was grounded, playing this song on my phone. OH YEAH!

  22. Mandy0456 says:

    Stare at people for about five minutes, making sure they know you’re staring at them. Then, slowly sneak up to them while humming the Mission: Impossible theme. Sniff their head, then run away. Repeat.

  23. TheOwnage247 says:

    2,399 Spies downloaded this to there Ipod

  24. littlemissactress100 says:

    omg i waz playing Nerf gun war in my huge basement in the dark with some of my uber close family friends (which were all 4 boys, me being the only girl) while waiting as families together for New Years Eve. we went all out. and i stared humming this song and they stared laughing and i sniped them all! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. smellypiranha says:

    This is what song I have in my head when I sneak into my mums sweet cabinet

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