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Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol – Official Trailer

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Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol – Official Trailer”

  1. zicnators says:

    OMG !!
    What are you doing TC !!!!!!!!

  2. Malinx5 says:

    Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg :D

  3. griz312 says:

    Jeremy Renner in it is gonna be kickass in this

  4. FearlessHQ says:

    Here’s a fun thing to do with this trailer. Go to 0:09 of this video. On another tab, play Zach Hemsey- Mind Heist. Start playing it then IMMEDIATELY go back and start this video from 0:09. It is amazingly epic! Have fun! :D

  5. mustlovefilm says:

    I can’t wait to see this! it looks like such a great action/thriller and the cast is great too! I’m also waiting for the release of the new Nic Cage thriller “Trespass” bitly .com/o7TwhG
    It looks like its gonna be a huge hit!

  6. MrSavi4 says:

    Eminem- Wont Back Down ft. Pink )))

  7. ebraheim7 says:

    its my city

  8. abbyjo1990 says:

    MI 4 roxxx

  9. Minku15 says:

    @damnitsmelol LOL peaple get’s aggresive..bcz it’s senseless talkin about him (don’t know who he is) in this trailor…the real thing is that U yourself know that nobody knows him here…ur just tryin’ to promote him here….to get noticed…this is INTERNATIONAL GAME…..sO just F*CkkK off from here…….

  10. lablask says:


  11. 412aztec says:

    ”SHUT UP BABY” music video
    CARDONA – ”SHUT UP BABY” music video

  12. russCinema says:

    no no no.. the first one was the best, everyone knows that.

    this one is like any other action movie but with mission imp. theme song.

    they should have left the first one alone…

    i cant believe theyre doing part 4..

    hope is better

  13. gogzibeastman says:

    where’s anil kapoor..

  14. medicineguy2 says:

    @damnitsmelol,stop trying to promote the gay monkey in mi4 trailler,nobody knows who he is and ur making a fool of urself

  15. damnitsmelol says:

    LOL at people gettin aggressive when any person says something about don2. why are you so mad? maybe because you know don 2 is better? xP

  16. pierreenfrancais says:

    Eminem rap from 1:10 onwards :) … no picked that up !!!

  17. mackemforever says:

    Looks pretty crap but then HOLY CRAP, SIMON PEGG.

    Will be awesome simply because of the Pegg.

  18. SuperPoD500 says:

    Eminem + BMW + Tom Cruise = MI4 = Made my day. :)

  19. OllieBostock says:


  20. icantbelieit says:

    From the mystical land of India to the land of the worlds tallest buildings-Dubai!
    ….Mission Impossible 4:Coming soon in a cinemas near you :)

  21. BuyAPS4 says:

    watch if for free at movi3s”dot”info

  22. TheBeltroy says:

    this one of awesomeness

  23. matt16001 says:

    BMW i8 <33

  24. Hindu2muslim says:

    —– Shah Rukh Khan (King Khan) —–


    Catch him on Ra One youtube channel

    Chammak Challo (feat Akon)

    Dildara (stand by me) & mov. trailer…


  25. lildjiby says:

    The sound “I won’t back down” goes better in COD black ops trailer , just saying. I like MI.

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