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Missing “I Love Lucy” Episode – Television: Inside & Out

The story of the missing “I Love Lucy” Christmas 1956 episode reported by Rona Barrett on the “Television: Inside & Out” broadcast of Saturday, December 19th, 1981. Co-hosts Sylvester “Pat” Weaver and Wil Shriner contribute.
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25 Responses to “Missing “I Love Lucy” Episode – Television: Inside & Out”

  1. julie11061 says:

    @HypnoticSubliminals I do, and I think she’s brilliant! And I wish they showed I Love Lucy on T.V. more often. I’m 14 and I’ve even managed to talk my friends into watching some episodes of it and they like it too!

  2. cubanita1101 says:

    :P they did this episode twice once before little Ricky was born and now its kinda a remake really :)

  3. hispuregarden says:

    This is such a wonderful episode! It should be shown every Christmas season along with Charlie Brown’s Christmas, White Christmas, etc!

  4. superstar3801 says:

    @missfine257 im very very sorry to say that lucy is dead,she died some time in the 80′s and yes she was quite an actress

  5. missfine257 says:

    lucy is an icon i hope she isnt dead i luv lucy and da nanny 4eva

  6. bamboorepublic says:

    I can’t stand Rona Barrett. She always thought she was it. I met her in person one day outside her mother’s Palm Springs condo and she was so rude, a total bitch. Her mother was so nice. I’m glad she is retired now, good riddance.

  7. ChandlerandMonica83 says:

    wow not so little ricky! I haven’t seen the later shows yet..just on Season 3 and 4 right now.

  8. weightfeather1 says:

    I’ve only seen it once, and it was kind of a strange episode.

  9. MsSunidaze says:

    Happily this episode is on the DVD collection. I remember a few years ago they ran a colorized version of this episode.

  10. HypnoticSubliminals says:

    This is sad, because Lucy has slowly disappeared from the air. Many young kids don’t know who she is.

  11. zamoradude1 says:

    wanna buy it IN COLOR for $10???

  12. wntoply6 says:

    i had never seen this episode, and i had to wipe the tears away before i could type my response to you.
    if one was lucky enough to see “i love lucy” when it originally ran, then one understands the emotion they brings out when seeing them again for the first time in years.
    they are a direct link to our babyboomer childhood days.
    thank you vivian, bill, desi and of course the fabulous lucy for the best memories a person could have.

  13. SuperTom009 says:

    i wanna watch this episode .

  14. TheOneandPrettyOne07 says:

    Wow it makes you wonder if there is a real santa!

  15. fromthesidelines says:

    There was a “compilation” feature of three “LUCY” episodes, with new “linking footage” {a typical couple comes to the Desilu Playhouse to watch the episodes being shot before a live audience} that would have been released in 1953, ‘vivid’ (it was “test marketed” in at least one L.A. movie theater)- but Lucy & Desi signed with MGM to star in “The Long, Long Trailer” instead, and the “LUCY” feature was shelved. It was finally issued on DVD a while ago, and parts of it were on YouTube…

  16. vividwatch47 says:

    Does anybody remember that was a “I Love Lucy” feature film? According to Bart Andrews in his book “Lucy, Ricky, Fred And Ethel: The Story Of I Love Lucy” director Edward Sedgwick did an original film or had taken several episodes, and filmed bridges to give it continuity. Sadly, he died after supervising the editing of the film. If it does exist, post it!

  17. vividwatch47 says:

    I remember Rona Barrett when she used to her Hollywood report on the Metromedia news (I used to see her on KNEW Channel 32 in in 1969), though I always thought she was a tad annoying.

  18. vividwatch47 says:

    This episode is on the six D.V.D. set “I Love Lucy: Season 6″, and I think it’s on Disc 3.

  19. KarlDan says:

    Vernon Dent, he was in many Three Stooges episodes.

  20. HELLAhandsomeKRiiS says:

    i dont get it. how come u guys cried???

  21. santaskitch says:

    Wow, I remember seeing that years ago. Thanks so much for posting this! I admit, I cried.

  22. poosaypirate says:

    who cried ? i did

  23. snuggiey says:

    i love lucy

  24. mcfrdmn says:

    Excellent video….
    Who played the FIFTH Santa Claus?

  25. sara1964fox says:

    i don’t know if your talking about this but i’ll give it a shot. on the complete series dvd set in one of the bonus features there is an extra scene that aired right after the episode (i think it was “drafted”) aired b/c the day it aired on cbs was december 24, 1951. the scene featured the two couples (minus little ricky) dressed as S.C., dancing around a christmas tree in the ricardos’ apartment and singing when suddenly after they went around the christmas tree the real S.C. appeared.

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