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Miss your fave television show? Tune in South of the Border!

Miss your fave television show? Tune in South of the Border!

Image by Texas to Mexico
Okay~simple pleasures I know….My daughter & I had pedi mani’s yesterday & then came home & sat with our feet up for a short time while tuning to watch the O.C. (totally guilty pleasure!!) If there is a show which you might enjoy watching & can’t see it anymore; chances somewhere in the world it is in reruns!

*Funny is watching 30 year old episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" with Laura Ingalls speaking Spanish.

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14 Responses to “Miss your fave television show? Tune in South of the Border!”

  1. Londa Elle says:

    NICE pedicures :) Love the red of course and the pink is so soft and feminine.
    Looks like a fun time watching TV with your sweet little chickie…

  2. Memories Through Photographs says:

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  3. mockbird says:

    lovely christmas red .. and cute double portrait : )

  4. SoManyIdeas says:

    OH YESSSSSSSSSS, my favorite times with my girl is A Pedicure and then time to be girls…….doin what we want……….eatin what we want……..watchin what we want.
    Love this.

  5. Texas to Mexico says:

    Ha, ha! It is what we do down here when in Mexico…..the t.v. is always a little delayed as far as programming & life generally moves at a slower clip. But when my girls visit it is time for girlie things & doing those things we do.

  6. maorlando says:

    Wonderful clever capture. What fun and funny!!

  7. Jono!! says:

    Nice TV screen!

  8. mbgrigby says:

    Cute shot. Great idea

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  9. endless beauty says:

    perfect moment captured!

    i tease my friends back home in australia, because House and Greys Anatomy are a season behind. I tell them if they’re not nice, I might accidently slip and reveal crucial information !

    (love mani pedi days… total necessities ! )

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  10. juanstono says:

    Nice nails ;)

  11. Texas to Mexico says:

    We are so behind the times with the t.v. programming I go home & catch up on things & then return & see the previous shows.

  12. Happy Galina says:

    That sounds like a most excellent day!

  13. Texas to Mexico says:

    Happy Galena,
    You are correct, it was a most excellent day!

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