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Minifig TV Shows 1: C.S.I. Vegas

Minifig TV Shows 1: C.S.I. Vegas

Image by minifig
Raring to use impossible computer equipment.

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8 Responses to “Minifig TV Shows 1: C.S.I. Vegas”

  1. NoNo Joe says:

    CSI: Legoland.

  2. RangerSnow says:

    Where’s Dr. Robbins? (the coroner)

  3. minifig says:

    Oddly, I did leave a comment mentioning that I’d left him out, but flickr seem to have deleted it. They may not have approved of the word "hobbley" so I apologise to them and anyone else for using it again here.

    There’s also the added problem that there just wasn’t enough space on the plate to fit him in. Perhaps he was on a course this day?

  4. _jayme says:

    brilliant. absolutely brilliant.

  5. chrysanthemum-mom says:

    this is pure genius! i love it!!

  6. Oblivium says:

    awesome, now i would love to see david caruso done ;) he’d have to have one of those swivel heads… with glasses, without glasses… he he. anywho, awesome, how would you do grissom with a beard though?

  7. minifig says:

    Beards are available, but it’s tricky to find a minifig head with both a beard and glasses, so I’d be a little stumped…

  8. razorrazorr says:

    me, too, i also wanna see the horatio one!!
    these are really awesome!!!!!! maybe you can also make a mini scene if csi show~

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