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Milton Berle Vs. Statler & Waldorf

This is a video from the Muppet Show where Milton Berle the greatest comedian the tv knew failed to compete with the well identified Statler & Waldorf, really funny.

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25 Responses to “Milton Berle Vs. Statler & Waldorf”

  1. Haumar181 says:

    Statler & Waldorf the original trolls.

  2. SuperLapsap says:

    @Mascro1977 That would be an absolute scream! Has anybody suggested it to them?

  3. johorian89 says:

    this is too much laughter XDDDDDD omg they’re so funny!

  4. Krantos says:

    “You got a car?”

    Best line ever.

  5. odog65 says:

    @Mascro1977 hell yeah I can write for them but can’t impersonate them

  6. Goatmon says:

    @nerovampyro That;’s fantastic. That needs to be the top comment. EVERYONE UPVOTE THAT COMMENT.

  7. res1233 says:

    youtube’s random bandwidth is driving me crazy.

  8. gottkt87 says:

    ha ha ha i love this

  9. Anglomachian says:

    Waldorf: Good grief, that was absolutely terrible

    Statler: Oh I don’t know, there were one or two parts I liked?

    Waldorf: Like what?

    Statler: Like when it ended


  10. MegaPower999 says:

    Have you guys seen the one where they fight against Bruce Forsyth AND Fozzy? They lose. Badly.

  11. bulletproof750 says:

    r u a boy

  12. nickireda says:

    are you a boy or girl?

  13. bulletproof750 says:

    what do you mean you love me too and if you and me are to be together please respond to this :-)

  14. nerovampyro says:

    Statler: 22 people don’t have any humor

    Waldorf: No…3610 people don’t have any taste

    Both: DO HO HO HO HO

  15. nerovampyro says:


    aww and i love you too, ^_^ now remember if you and me are to be together, you need to spell correct instead of “tlkin lyk dis”

  16. srkicacak says:


  17. bulletproof750 says:

    sorry thats my friend who also runs my channel and hes really sorry and i really like your video good job keep up the good work im going to thumbs up you :-)

  18. bulletproof750 says:

    @nerovampyro u r shithead

  19. nerovampyro says:


    indeed you are

  20. bulletproof750 says:


  21. GabbyGebbie says:

    “How’s it going Mr berle?”
    “It’s going terrible, these to have been picking on me every since I started”
    “Well, can I help you out?”
    “Which way did you come in?” LOL love that bit hehe XD

  22. wmchellis says:

    Someone asked what year this was from…,
    Online, I found 1977.

  23. OldFireStick says:

    @Mascro1977 Heck no, with their acerbic tongues nobody would want to try out! *LOL*

  24. Kev95682 says:

    Waldorf: Look at that, 22 people disliked the video.
    Statler: I know, I’m one of them.

  25. WhovianChick says:

    Great clip. :) Love Uncle Milton

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