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Milton Berle “Mr. Tv” – The Texaco Star Theater Intro

[From "Kovacs Corner" on] – On the evening of January 13, 1962, Ernie Kovacs arrived at the Beverly Hills California mansion of director Billy Wilder to celebrate with his fellow cigar-smoking card partner Milton “Mr. Television” Berle and his wife Ruth the adoption of their son….
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10 Responses to “Milton Berle “Mr. Tv” – The Texaco Star Theater Intro”

  1. rolko52 says:

    Imaging the expression on the face of that “groom” when he later eyes the anaconda that’s hiding under that wedding dress!

  2. fromthesidelines says:

    That’s right, ‘rolko’. While reminiscing about his series on the 1971 album “The Golden Age of Television”, Milton said, “There was one laugh that projected from the top of them all- and that was my mother…and if people didn’t laugh, she used to shove them in the arm and, say, ‘Laugh it up, that’s my son!’….she was there at every show…”.

  3. rolko52 says:

    @fromthesidelines During his monologue there would always be a woman laughing histerically from the audience. Berle would always use her as as the butt of an insult joke. That woman was Milton’s mother Sadie.

  4. fromthesidelines says:

    This was probably THE most famous opening in early television- every Tuesday night at 8pm(et), from 1948 through ’53, viewers saw the “Texaco service men” [a vocal quartet] introduce the show, and pitch their sponsor’s product, then introducing “Mr. Television” himself (ALWAYS entering in an outrageous costume).

  5. sandybfine says:


  6. billyblackattacks says:

    back when commercials had their own shows

  7. rolko52 says:

    @tallpaul521 I have also read that. It’s another sad aspect to an unfortunate event.

  8. tallpaul521 says:

    Thank you for the details of the death of Mr. Kovacs. I’d heard that an unlit, new cigar was found in the car. The theory that was that Kovacs had reached into the glovebox (where he kept his cigars) and had lost control of the car.

  9. rolko52 says:

    @431516020205 Your welcome Mike.

  10. 431516020205 says:

    fantastic buddy…thank you!!!

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