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Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories

Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories

- Before there was Oprah or Dr. Phil or Ellen, or any of these people, there was Mike Douglas.-
- Jay Leno, remembering Mike Douglas on The Tonight ShowLegendary daytime talk show host Mike Douglas influenced many of today’s biggest stars, includ

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5 Responses to “Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories”

  1. Packer Backer Mom says:

    Review by Packer Backer Mom for Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories
    This seems to be the same material recently shown on PBS. Anyone who recalls coming home after school and watching The Mike Douglas Show because there was only one TV in the house and that’s what Mom had on will thoroughly enjoy this trip down memory lane. And there won’t be a dry eye for “The Men in My Little Girl’s Life.”

    Plus, the price is fantastic!

  2. Richard A. Garvin says:

    Review by Richard A. Garvin for Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories
    The main part of this DVD is a 1 hour special with short clips of the celebrities listed above but then you have the bonus extras which are longer clips of the same artist and gives you another hour. The transfer of these tapes isn’t quite as good as I had hoped for, for instance the John and Yoko sections look so much better on the old VHS box set I have from Rhino. The Rolling Stones is a highlight for me since I’d been looking for a clip of it for 30 years.

    All in all definitely worth the money.

  3. Volunteer of America says:

    Review by Volunteer of America for Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories
    There’s some stellar material on this disc. We see a complete song performance of the Stones in their prime, a youthful rocking Mick and a harmonica playing Brian, doing Buddy Holly’s Not Fade Away. There’s the fabled hosting of the show by John and Yoko, with a lovely rendition of Imagine by John, who then joins with Chuck Berry in Johnny B. Goode. A two year old Tiger Woods shows his precocious skill, flanked by Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart. Great clips of Alfred Hitchcock, MLK, Alex Haley; Rodney Dangerfield; it’s a huge list of performers and prominent men and women who really made a difference, in marked contrast to the People Magazine celebrity, designer fashion, can’t-write-or-play-but-is-a good-dancer present day line up of those in the public eye.

    Mike Douglas was a great guy; calm, warm, hip, open-minded, aware of what really mattered in his day. This PBS special is a wonderful testimonial to him and his times; perhaps they’ll come again, who knows. At the moment it’s looking fairly promising!

  4. jj socks says:

    Review by jj socks for Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories
    I saw parts of this video on a PBS special, and loved it and wanted to see the whole thing! I don’t remember ever watching the Mike Douglas show when I was younger. He was a daytime talk show host like Johnny Carson was a night time talk show host. As I watched the video, soon my husband and 17-year-old daughter were watching with me, and we were all really enjoying it! There are great interviews, some funny, some poignant. In a way, it’s a tribute to Mike Douglas the man, using those who knew him and interviews and clips from his show to illustrate their impressions of him. It’s only about an hour, and we wished it were longer! We’ll be watching it again with our other children when they come home to visit.

  5. R. Mangini says:

    Review by R. Mangini for Mike Douglas – Moments & Memories
    I recently purchased the dvd Of the Mike Douglas Show. The dvd was great. Amazon got it here in speedy time Thanks Amazon.

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