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Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 – Soul Train I Want You Back

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25 Responses to “Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 – Soul Train I Want You Back”

  1. constantrvlr says:

    RIP, you sang the soundtrack to my youth……….


    Wow. When Mr. Don said “Gang” he meant people. They’ve been saying that hard since the 60s and the 70s. I love Old School.

  3. puritt86 says:

    i like soul train becase it is my favorite show.i watch it evrey morning

  4. 1Tim616 says:

    “Different is the condition of everyone,” “and different the nature of each place.” The Irish culture live by this…inclusive over exclusive.

  5. 1Tim616 says:

    I watched Soul Train every Sunday afternoon…I’ve always gravitated to that lively spirit…they have another show with similar theme on CoolTV also…funny or perhaps not, things you forget about that once brought great passion …it’s slowly coming back what I refer to as “These are a few of my favorite things” Thanks for that thrill again…great video, and for sure a “Classic”

  6. cobo4 says:

    bone thugs n harmony should’ve perform on Soul trian.

  7. mzneythia says:

    RIP Micheal Jackson You will truely ba missed!!

  8. BruhMan09 says:


    Because Motown had just released Jermaine’s 1st solo album. He performed a song or two of the album along with Jackson 5 songs with the group. Mike was the lead singer but he was a kid and it was Jermaine (a few years older) who was quite a hit back in those days especially with the ladies

  9. wmakiling805 says:

    How can this not bring a smile to your face?

  10. Hopper830 says:

    @Nanadsyl agreed

  11. 4EVERjADExoxo says:

    @Cmoemoe79 Lmao!

  12. Cmoemoe79 says:

    @4EVERjADExoxo OOOMMMMGGGG!!! that is funny as HELL!!! >>> WOW…Jermaine!!! LMAO!!!

  13. prayupblessings says:

    Missing MJ.

  14. 4EVERjADExoxo says:

    Why does the background say Jermaine? lol .


    This video should have more views that this.

  16. sakalammembrain says:

    @flannelcloud dougie old school style! :)

  17. sakalammembrain says:

    @flannelcloud dougie old school style! :)

  18. LoveTeeC says:

    @flannelcloud Lol! He almost decked the girl in the white suit with all his flailing around :) !

  19. BrowniesRus0 says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! Forward this to 5 people, and within 3 min. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! I tried it twice, and it worked both times! PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!

  20. Nanadsyl says:

    You see how Micheal snatched that Mike. True professional at a young age!!

  21. gfine2000 says:

    It was like Michael’s life was all a dream and then he was gone. So sad. It shows that fame can truly destroy you. Fame is definitely not all it’s cracked up to be. Or is it?

  22. rockywspd says:

    Before he went crazy with what America is today D:

  23. zandcsmom1 says:

    @flannelcloud, SO funny!!


    Happy Birthday Michael Jackson. May your soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

  25. yamibakura21 says:

    4 people are Victoria Justice fans

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