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Michael Jackson On The dating Game Show (1972) !!!RARE!!!

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson I Love you….so much! You will live in my heart forever and ever!!! I’ll never forget the great times. And lastly, I’ll see you again, love. :-) THIS IS IT! THE VIDEO YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Michael Jackson on the Dating Game Show! He was 14 years old! This is SUPER rare, SUPER funny and SUPER embarrassing……….for Michael Lol! COMMENT!!! ALL comments are accepted because I respect everybody’s opinions just please don’t be to hard on the guy(hes my favorite!) PS. iF you are a Michael Jackson fan ADD ME!!

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25 Responses to “Michael Jackson On The dating Game Show (1972) !!!RARE!!!”

  1. inkozana says:

    Mike was always pressured into doing things for publicity, I’m sure he would rather have been playing sports or something.


    No wonder Mike was so fucked in the head.

  3. Lastknownuser says:

    @kat1639 Yea, If only michael was a priest where his actions would have only got him moved to another church…. Lol…

    It’s worse that Pedophila exists, but worse yet people are around that aren’t pedo’s that support it. Like the Christianity, ect ect. So, should say the pope should go to hell also, and while your at it, send your priest to, and also your religious neighbor and while your at it, yourself. /laugh

  4. RomireVids says:

    wow wtf?

  5. SailorXOdesSa says:

    girl n. 3 was saying: Oh! F.k you! XD

  6. kat1639 says:

    he looks uncomfortable cause’ the only thing hes ever been attracted to is little boys booty holes! may he rot in hell-the pedophile.

  7. raceman49544 says:

    @Tammicat21 I wanna be where you are…single from their ‘Got to be there’ album in 1972.

  8. AaliyahandMichael540 says:

    You know Michael had a slight smile on his face like, “Oh…My…God!, these girls are definintely NOT my cup of tea!” That was just too cute! [-:

  9. AaliyahandMichael540 says:

    You know Michael had a slight smile on his face like, “Oh…My…God!, these girls are definintely NOT my cup of tea!”

  10. roxybox25 says:

    Stop saying R.I.P Michael. How can he be dead when his music lives forever?

  11. aubhar says:

    I wonder if those 3 girls turned out to be whores and drug addicts? lol

  12. JumpJennyJumpp says:

    lol hes dead now

  13. KawaiiYukiTegoMassJ says:

    lucky gal #1!~!!
    but they all got kissses T.T
    i want a kiss
    how sweet of Michael!!!!!
    <3 lol at 02:35 “okay” then you crazzy as bitch lol
    that s what he wanted to say :) love number ones reply at 03:24
    michael loved that one
    GUESS WHAT HE gave me a kisss!!
    michael jamming to his song at 6:30 <3 <3 <3

  14. KawaiiYukiTegoMassJ says:

    hes soo shy!

  15. girleebug76 says:

    Cute! ~ <3 ~

  16. Tammicat21 says:

    Pretty cute stuff, anyone know the name of the song at 6:06?

  17. HazelTaylor9778 says:

    he was so talented and he could dance pretty good? too Michael has had many wonderful unreleased music that had before his died seen in

  18. mrykangl says:

    @boz987 Wow, are you jealous?

  19. JuneFoote9155 says:

    is? it just me or does anyone else think she looks kinda like nia long Michael has had few amazing unreleased soundtracks that were recently his deceased from

  20. boz987 says:

    He would have been much more excited choosing from 3 little white boys.

  21. boz987 says:

    He would have been much more excited to choose from 3 little white boys.

  22. thechurromaniac says:

    wait what time did he say that at?

  23. 93lovelythang says:

    oh Jesus LMAO!!! MJ’s facial expressions are priceless!

  24. beinggreenisbetter says:

    haha shes so adorable!
    but poor michale looks like he was forced to conform to this

  25. redsox218 says:

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