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Michael Jackson: Dangerous (Live American Bandstand 50th Anniversary 2002)

Awesome Song, Awesome Moves……….
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to “Michael Jackson: Dangerous (Live American Bandstand 50th Anniversary 2002)”

  1. ionyshakalu says:

    i just love you man !!!!

  2. maxbrito88 says:

    watch my short clip impersonation on my page :)  please comment and like :)

  3. menzina100 says:

    best dancer everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…miss u MJ..

  4. nickyloops1 says:

    watch this /watch?v=mzYgQffRikg .Unreleased song..

  5. NalanyIglesias says:

    Absolutely Incredible . Him And His Performances Just Make Me Smile ; & I Get Chills ! Amazing . <3

  6. kardoxkurdo says:

    i like him , man ,, it is so cooooool. tolisten to him .. and watch

  7. kardoxkurdo says:

    it is amaizing

  8. mauimama777 says:

    wow, for those who were thre, do you remember how long that took to shoot? all the long breaks? the girl was smoking with a jumpsuit gaga would kill for! great day!

  9. pdmeeker says:

    didn’t much care for Michael, but he changed music and made history. gotta admire him for that.

  10. winkie51 says:

    michael is amazing…always
    no one can do what he did.
    songwriter, singer, dancer, poet, humanitarian
    all these things he did for us.
    i love, miss him, and appreciate all he gave ♥

  11. EJAanime says:

    I know he was tired as Shaba after this I would be out if breath too the nigga is 44 here even great ppl get tired from doing great work!

  12. oncehad79 says:

    The part where he say ‘baby’ at 3:32 was like he is having sore throat on that day!

  13. Pumpalevu says:

    amazing crowd

  14. tubucoco says:

    @AndrewCedricThe2nd -dude was in his 40′s at the time, I’m 40 something now and breathing hard after a light workout-LOL ,so give him a break! Not many people can move and sing like that, even youngsters, this guy is dancing right now with young people behind him and is out dancing them-LOL , But u should have seen him when he was in 20′s, I swear I thought he could Fly back then! LOL

  15. finalfantasydart says:

    okey….. this song is and mj is amazing here !!!

  16. anUHkins says:

    i think it’s silly to boubt MJ could sing live. give him a soft slow song and he could own it, but with his later stuff like his Dangerous CD, he was recodring in a style i felt would be hard to redo live, because it seemed like something you would have to try many times to get perfectley right, and was also very intricate. never the less you can almost find a live version of any MJ song on youtube somewhere.

  17. srinirocksgng says:

    great mj i luv uuuuuu

  18. 18sweethang says:

    @AndrewCedricThe2nd lol, but michael is such a perfectionist, he gets really dissapointed whenever he messes up. like remeber his 1983 billie jean perfomance at motown. he said he was gutted after he failed to stand on his toes for over 3 seconds….i don’t think anybody who was watching noticed, but he was still so disappointed.

  19. AndrewCedricThe2nd says:

    @18sweethang btw he messed up starting 4.26.. he was kinda l8..

  20. AndrewCedricThe2nd says:

    @18sweethang i love it when he do mistakes.. if all lives are the same it would be boring.. lol

  21. AndrewCedricThe2nd says:

    @iluvsprousebros4ever he is going to.. the day he died was supposedly the day he rehearse for this..

  22. DBus71 says:

    I can’t imagine being in that crowd in the front row to watch MJ! That was a life long dream that died on 6/25/2009, but he will NEVER die with all of us his fans and etc. “I’ll never let you part, for your always in my heart” RIP MJ

  23. JessOvBHE says:

    @Sheyimash what performance was the copywrited one? like which song :)

  24. CassielaReyna91 says:

    i will always love you. your the man.

  25. Rofilsinger says:


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