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MGS 1/11: Lucille Ball Discusses How She Got Into Showbiz

This is the first of 11 parts. In this November 1973 interview, Lucille Ball discusses her early career as a Goldwyn Girl long before I LOVE LUCY, how she got into comedy, and her television career. Here is the link to part two:
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25 Responses to “MGS 1/11: Lucille Ball Discusses How She Got Into Showbiz”

  1. pecs2006 says:

    She was such an outstanding woman. And incidently had one of the tightest speaking voices of all time.

  2. amberlovesapplepie09 says:

    thumbs up if you love Lucy ! :D

  3. blondeboy1988 says:

    i wish i was born around the time she was alive she is beautiful and amazing

  4. 143AC says:

    Mr.Griffin is right! Lucy Ball is still one of tv comedy’s most beloved and
    creative clowns.

  5. TheHeatherEra says:

    This interview is so odd and I love it so much. lol.

  6. bujinnineko says:

    i love her honesty and her smile.

  7. DoubleDutchBust says:

    1:01am Thursday (PDT) – Time in California, United States of America

  8. 68lincoln says:

    She is my all time favorite actress. Beautiful, talented, funny, witty, honest…she is the best. Thanks for this Lucy interview with Merv from 1973, I was 14 years old at the time and it’s nice to see it again.

  9. Duke535 says:

    “Did a man say, ‘Make her a star?’”
    “Nah, he said, ‘Make her!’”

    Three hundred years later, I still remember howling at that line.

  10. caloscalante1518 says:

    she mentions she is in love with the whole human race… it is safe to say the WHOLE human race is also in love with her.

  11. sugarlipz96 says:

    Lucille was amazing! i will never forget her and desi!

  12. misswings83 says:

    Love Lucy ♥

  13. tommypicklesfan19 says:

    Aww, lucy i love you, and yes you are beautiful

  14. KarolineKayySaysHeyy says:

    BUT she IS BEAUTIFUL! and witty

  15. hardrein101 says:

    yes, she was a class act..never said a bad word about anybody in an interview including desi.

  16. coursestudent says:

    Yes, she’s one of those eternal Hollywood icons.

  17. beachbunnyhunny101 says:

    I ♥ LUCY!!!!!!!!!!! So sad about her death shes still alive in my world though!

  18. shealways says:

    god i love her.shes great to listen to

  19. Mrmathis909 says:

    She died 16 years after this interview on April 26, 1989. if she was still alive, she would be 98. She was 77 when she died, almost 78.

  20. MarkThompson01 says:

    Yes, she was. I loved her.

  21. kesonrad says:

    Lucille Ball, 100% classy lady!

  22. DianaMichelleLynette says:

    I still love Lucy. I own the entire boxed set of the I Love Lucy series. I was thinking of getting the entire Lucy Show on DVD as well.

  23. graphixmike says:

    I will ALWAYS love LUCY!

  24. collazzone says:

    I love Lucy!

  25. lasuvidaboy says:

    Interviews were’nt as staged as they are today. Lucy probably drove over to Merv’s set in her own car and just kept her purse. There is an interview (Dick Cavett) w/Bette Davis and she comes in w/her purse and gloves on-like she just got out of a cab in NYC.

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