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Men From Shiloh: The Ideal Man

Men from Shiloh: The Best Man guest starred Desi Arnaz and James Farentino and featured normal Doug McClure as Trampas.  For those unaware, Men from Shiloh was merely The Virginian renamed and slightly re-focused for its 9th year on the air.

What I bear in mind most from this 90 minute episode is the song Take a Look Around.  It is just a fantastic piece of music and apparently, it was particularly written for McClure by his friend, Tim Morgan.  The song also turned up later on Alias Smith and Jones.  To be honest, the scene where Trampas is out riding with the female lead and the song is played uninterrupted in full is worth the entire show that’s how much I like it.

Arnaz plays El Jefe and is okay but it is just not the sort of role I enjoyed seeing him in.  Farentino fares a bit much better.  His very first scene with McClure when they are out shooting is somewhat fun, although I’m not confident it was a very good opening moment since it went on too long.

The show revolves mainly around a enjoy triangle so it is fairly typical, but I need to admit that I do like Trampas’ answer at the end, which worked nicely.

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