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Meet Julia!

Meet Julia!

Image by Taylor.McBride™
This is stitch’s new friend, Julia! Julia isn’t your average dragon, She wont breathe fire on you ;)
Named after the real Julia :)

Also Im off to Harrison Hot Springs today!! Its where my most famous flickr picture was taken! Thanks again so much everyone for the love ;D

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45 Responses to “Meet Julia!”

  1. Taylor.McBride™ says:

    Harrison Hot Springs (explored!)

  2. hussainshafei says:

    Awesome Dof!
    love the colors

  3. Ev0luti0nary says:

    this is just awesome :D DDDDDDD
    JULIA!!!!!!! :D D

  4. Jason - Moving On! says:

    Love it Taylor :-)

    And that other shot is amazing !!!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  5. maudanros says:

    very nice !!

  6. Sash´s Kitchen-Studio Photography says:

    wow, Taylor

    what a movielicious shot

    enjoy your weekend

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  7. carrie jade says:

    so adorable. love the colors!

  8. UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO : WORLD : SENSE ] says:

    Great composition, so much fun! Great meet-up too!
    Happy Weekend!

  9. Rafael SG says:

    Beautiful colors and contrast.

  10. sash design photography says:

    great shot nice dof

  11. nurdane says:

    really soo beautiful!

  12. alvin lamucho © busy!!! says:

    ahhh – this is so cute, Taylor! Julia is adorable :) ))
    delightful capture my friend and the colors are so fresh!

  13. conniee4 says:

    Thanks for stopping by
    …-Wink’s Place-…

  14. 68beats says:

    heehe..she won’t but i’ll!! LOL
    lovely work,my friend x

  15. letunovskiyphotography says:

    wow! those colors in the background is superb Taylor! amazing job! and yay! another character in the picture! I can’t wait for what they do next! so…the dragon won’t even let out just small fire ball or flame? ;)

  16. Fionn Luk says:

    Awesome bright colors, very sharp too! Have fun there Taylor :D

  17. ALMOSTAWESOME55 says:

    This is great!! I love the stitch series.
    Will julia get upset that u named a dragon after her the implication is kinda funny.

  18. Daniela Duncan says:

    What a cool, fun image! Refreshing and very well done!

    - I loved Lilo & Stitch :)

  19. {Wallflower}} says:

    Ohhhhh! So it’s NOT a dog! haha
    I lovee the bottom picture though…that one’s too good.

  20. .#.Dr3amzy.#.[senior] says:

    Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing =)

  21. ng.kelven says:

    haha stare down! nice shot :D that shot in the comments though… WOW

  22. Licht~~~~ says:


    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  23. JGo9 says:

    Killing the shallow dof!

  24. Spangles44 see new group Blink Again says:

    In and out for the next 2 weeks, just popping by to say hi and view your lovely stream – using one of those usb sticks they work pretty good – I can stay online!
    Hello Julia, nice to see you again

  25. (c.jones) says:

    love these shots – awesome dof and processing

  26. California CPA says:

    that dragon does not stand a chance

  27. Y~L .... says:

    2 killer toys :-) )))))))))
    nice dof my friend
    great series too :-) ))))

  28. haigh tá mé jessica says:

    haha! Julia <3
    Awesome pic!

  29. lucyndskywdmnds*** says:

    Your HH photo IS amazing! Love the way you use vignettes in your photos. Very distinctive!

  30. Jessicaa.Mariee(: says:

    hahaha i love it!

  31. ...-Wink-... says:

    :-) nice!!

  32. Lari Design says:

    hahaha…so cute Taylor..yeah,have you a great weekend too!!

  33. AmbientFocus says:

    I leave to go on vacation and I miss some good stuff. I will try to keep up with these while on the road. I am loving them!

  34. maya © [off] says:

    Excellent shot!

  35. toby2tot says:

    Wow! That Hot Springs shot looks marvellous Taylor! Nice to meeet Julia too!

  36. Tony2 [Please use my new account] says:


  37. Dave DiCello says:

    Great DoF here Taylor, the bokeh is amazing! Well captured

  38. Moritz Beierlein says:

    wonderful colors

  39. paulomelo says:

    I loved all your pictures!
    hugs :)

  40. Dr Cullen says:

    :) )) The scene is super fun,as always and also spectacular colors. Lovely bokeh

  41. CarolynsHope says:

    Awesome color and love that background. Hello Julia!

  42. ohNzl*busy says:

    Fantastic shot :) Great deep colors and excellent bokeh :)

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  43. PetterPhoto says:

    Simply amazingly colorful – attractive image!

    Happy to ~EXPLORE~ your Photo

  44. mădă șinca says:

    oh. so cute!

  45. Julia.Morgañ (be back July 26) says:

    awe bestie!! :D
    i pretty much feel wayy cool by now ;)
    i love this series of photos soo much! incredible stuff bestie :)

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