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McMillan and Wife

McMillan & Wife (also known as McMillian) is a lighthearted American crime drama series that aired on NBC from September 17, 1971 to April 24, 1977. The series premiered in the fall of 1971 in 90-minute episodes as part of the wheel series NBC Mystery Movie, in rotation with Columbo and McCloud. Initially airing on Wednesday night, the original line-up was shifted to Sundays in the second season, where it aired for the rest of its run.

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25 Responses to “McMillan and Wife”

  1. bjroberts65 says:

    This is when television was GOOD….Today it’s HORSESHIT!!!

  2. ChavoMysterio says:

    DAMN, Rock Hudson looked fine as hell on McMillan and Wife. Loved the porn mustache.

  3. nctvman says:

    Gosh tv shows when I a kid were so tame. It makes you forget the news about watergate to viet-nam.

  4. JayH7745 says:

    Always loved this show! Also remember watching “this one” here with Johnathan Harris from Lost in space! ONCE UPON A DEAD MAN! Thanks for posting this! :)

  5. Keon2006 says:

    Does anyone know why they showed the closing credits in the beginning of the show LOL.

  6. martinsean says:

    in 1975 i was 11 years old and fall in love with susan saint james she was so sexy

  7. kduideo says:

    YES but no offense but the jews want more income so they cut themes

  8. teamcuba2000 says:

    I thought Rock Hudson was so cool…

  9. iMso2013 says:

    Good sample for a beat.

  10. Charles069 says:

    It was a 70′s show, I bethinks it was an attempt to show Americans, other than my JROTC skank is an officer with a smelly fell.

  11. TheJdc34life says:

    @edwardjames50 can you tell me what happened i never could find out why they despised each other

  12. jamessmedley82 says:

    Maybe they were the first signs of AIDS.

  13. politicopablo says:

    I always looked forward to watching this series on Sunday nights. Rock Hudson was a very cool guy back then, as well as a very good actor. The series lost it’s edge after the 1975 season with the departure of Susan St. James. Rock Hudson began to really show his age that last season at age 50, and was reported to be drinking heavily. In some of the last shows that were filmed his face looked bloated, and he had definitely put on weight. NBC probably did him a favor by ending the show.

  14. dramaticguy says:

    Plane crash,his orgiinal housekeeper played by Rhoda star Nancy Walker left and was replaced by her sister (Martha Raye) in the show.

  15. edwardjames50 says:

    Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James LOATHED each other!

  16. patsaxon says:

    Wow! Rock Hudsan was a very good looking man, especially with his longer hair and mustache!

  17. TheREWF says:

    how did she die off of this show?

  18. inkey2 says:

    to deerfieldproductions: yeah, i agree, The plots were a little weak but with Susan St James in it…..i couldn’t care how weak it was. To me the best one they ever did was a Halloween episode where it started by a spooky masked face outside their 2nd floor bedroom window. I remember seeing this halloween episode for the first time and it was really creepy

  19. inkey2 says:

    OMG Susan St James was so hot and cute. When this show premiered I was in high school and I had such a crush on her. When she left the show……thats when I said goodbye to it. No Susan St James…..I don’t watch it.

  20. deerfieldproductions says:

    This show is great, though more than a little campy. One episode had Mac & Enright stopping at a bath house on their way to the office… in San Francisco?!?! The earliest episodes seemed like movies that someone cut down. Their plots were weaker than the Rockford Files though, because the often needed a sudden resolution. Still the Star Power alone….

  21. kenfig says:

    Fair enough but why do you feel you have to say “IM NOT GAY ! but….” ? ; Why would you care about making a point of YOUR sexuality when probably no one was questioning it

  22. TheREWF says:

    NO. i had the biggest crush on susan st james and still do. but as for Mr. Rock Hudson he lived his life like he wanted to. IM NOT GAY! but i loved his body of work like this show. we all have to live in this world together and live and let live.

  23. selloutasaurus says:

    had the biggest crush on Susan St James when I was a kid!

  24. edybeast says:

    Susan St. James was a doll.

  25. doctorw2 says:

    i love this show its almost british.

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