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mcmillan and wife pilot mac and sally talk.avi

Mac comes home and talks to Sally about how long it would take to steal the coffin at the auction.

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13 Responses to “mcmillan and wife pilot mac and sally talk.avi”

  1. VengeanceIsMineBitch says:

    @kenfig for the same reason you do…

  2. VengeanceIsMineBitch says:

    @elfinmajictime au contraire, i think he looks quite cool. better than all the homo-cuts one can see nowadays.

  3. pcoristi says:

    So, if you were going to recast this show today…who would you cast?

  4. monkeygoesbananas says:

    my sister has the same haircut as sally. oh, hipsters.

  5. elfinmajictime says:

    God, he looks so ridiculous with that hair. Man, he tried too hard.

  6. windstorm1000 says:

    one of the sexiest couples in tv history. with his exasperation and her bit ditz it set up fun between the couple.

  7. MsCarey666 says:

    he had the gay look down with the san fran cisco mustache!!

  8. justine94610 says:

    I always wanted THIS with my old man. Finally got it1 ;)

  9. kenfig says:

    @leananshae Dont Gimmie that ; Hudson wasnt all that although he prefered Gay shit ; also there are as many different ratio permutations of sexuality and fluidity of those ratios than you’d think.Also some peoples sexuality changes over time and some stay there and some shift back and forth

  10. leananshae says:

    @kenfig Then I guess he was proof that orientation is not a choice but rather something about how each of us is hardwired.

  11. kenfig says:

    What the HELL was wrong with Hudson ?,apart from having AIDS that is ; i mean acting like a real man here and being able to have any gorgeous girl like this and he choses mens dirty asses ; GROSS

  12. 2keltoumi says:

    You ‘re right it was rock Hudson private house named The Castle, very nice decoration

  13. jksonny says:

    It’s ironic that he asks if he can come into his house b/c the pilot was filmed inside Hudson’s real home.

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