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McMillan And Wife

Opening/Closing Credits from an early episode of McMillan And Wife, starring Rock Hudson & Susan Saint James

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23 Responses to “McMillan And Wife”

  1. windstorm1000 says:

    @atfatw what planet are you from??? Susan St. James alone makes it rise above most of today’s junk. I’ll take an episode of this elegant fun any day.

  2. windstorm1000 says:

    @atfatw If you don’t like this great show–then go blow! We love it–and Rock too!

  3. windstorm1000 says:

    American elegant, fun and suspenful show, chic theme music. Great actors, writing, San Francisco as the back drop–what’ s not to like??

  4. beatingyou01 says:

    That was a great episode

  5. shmuli9 says:

    @atfatw A “dengenerate”? I’m glad you seem to be a legend in your own mind and appear to have an EXTREMELY high opinion of yourself, and we all know that the more vain people in the world, the better a place it will be, since vain people are also very modest…

  6. azusaukon says:

    子供の頃、当時の土曜の夜に、NHK TVで放映されていたのを楽しみに見ていました。ジャズ調の小気味よいリズムは、物語に切っても切れない関係になっていると思います。

  7. bjroberts65 says:

    @atfatw ….MY DICK!!!

  8. atfatw says:


    you ARE a degenerate aren’t you too bad a prick like you can’t get a public lobotomy in front of jeering mob after you have been tarred and feathered you’d probably have an orgasm! enjoying your own humiliation but thats the last thing you would be able to remember!!!!!

  9. bjroberts65 says:

    @atfatw I tell you what, how bout we go dig up your dead grandmother…Then I’ll nail her in the keister, then send her back to the graveyard with a just pumped the neighbors dog look on her face….Then you’ll know what a big hit i am.

  10. atfatw says:

    @bj roberts65

    a degenerate like you would be a big hit with rock hudson and friends!!!!!

  11. bjroberts65 says:

    @atfatw …MY DICK!!!

  12. atfatw says:

    the worst tv show ever!!!! even worse than ‘me and the chimp’ which hiroshimaed that girl’ tv boyfriend Don Hollinger’s acting career!!! an atrocity!!!!!

  13. QueenCeleste2 says:

    @kresblain Many thanks! Hope they run it again.

  14. kresblain says:

    @QueenCeleste2 They ran it on RTV Classic Television last season.

  15. theamerindio says:

    Passou na Tv Tupi, Brasil, na série Os Detetives. TUPI OR NOT TUPI. FOREVER TUPI.

  16. bjroberts65 says:

    Jerry Fielding hit it on the head with the music in this intro….He’s one of the BEST composers EVER!!!

  17. jenzeppelin says:

    Loved this series when it would air the re-runs during the day time on A&E.

  18. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    @AceTheBathound I know what you mean! I had about forgotten this show also, but it was an excellent show with an excellent theme song. Seeing names like Nancy Walker and John Schuck sure does bring back memories of some nice times in the 70′s. Very cool show, and it later became McMillan after Susan St. James left the show.

  19. QueenCeleste2 says:

    Is this ever aired on any network? It was such a favorite of mine, along with Colombo. Wonderful days of television…

  20. sexymama1966 says:

    @spareaxe she married dick ebersol (exec producer of saturday night live).

  21. OreckBoy1 says:

    Amazing Nostalgia!! Thank you for posting!

  22. spareaxe says:

    What ever happened to susan st. james?

  23. AceTheBathound says:

    I had about forgotten about MacMillan and Wife… Cool old show, to be true…

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