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McClain’s Law – James Arness 1981 tv series starring James Arness.

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  1. airborae says:

    I always thought James Arness looked like Jon Pertwee!

  2. frictiondrivebikes says:

    @morgan8757 Ken Curtis was also in The Yellow Rose as was Chuck Connors, Sybil Shepard, David Soul and several other well knowns.

  3. HawkeyeBrodine says:

    @limeytrash Hey dude he o’right so you can bloody Shut The F**k up. I looked in his other comment in other Videos. So you need to show a little manners.

  4. MrrSpidey says:

    I worked on this show, and both the cast and crew were great. And, despite how scary he looked, Richard Lynch was the nicest guy. We shot part of this episode in downtown LA (we usually shot in San Pedro), and Lynch looked like he fit it perfectly there. It was great fun.

  5. tbonemagnum says:


  6. The1baddman says:

    R I P James Arness .

  7. toonzguy says:

    Anyone notice how Arness’s police car was almost the same color as his horse on “Gunsmoke”?

  8. recordman64 says:

    @recordman64: Well…I was partially right…Ken Curtis played Hoyt Coryell in The Yellow Rose, and Chuck Connors played Jeb Hollister…but The Yellow Rose is from the ’83-’84 season on NBC.

  9. recordman64 says:

    @morgan8757: No, I believe that Ken Curtis was also in the cast along with Connors…Curtis played one of the old ranch hands. Looks like an IMDB visit is in order…

  10. morgan8757 says:

    @recordman64 no that was chuck connors who your thinking of who was the rifleman

  11. morgan8757 says:

    whats taking so long to release mcclains law on to DVD

  12. recordman64 says:

    @crudbudsucks : I think he was in the cast of The Yellow Rose at this time, another short-lived NBC series.

  13. snoops71 says:

    @recordman64 I watched it, too.

  14. recordman64 says:

    Just when you thought Richard Lynch couldn’t look any scarier…you see him with all those tattoos!

  15. recordman64 says:

    @mavivirgie : Only one season, 1981-82. I remember it ’cause I watched it when it first aired. Evidently, not a lot of other people did!

  16. mavivirgie says:

    @eci4r how long did this series run i dont remember it

  17. kurtb8474 says:

    This one and Strike Force marked the return of real action on TV. From about ’77 to ’80, an outcry from a few caused the networks to roll back violence on TV. As a result, we had “watered down” action shows that were dull and quite boring. I think it caused the demise of Starsky and Hutch.

  18. limeytrash says:

    @cooliohunt You need to learn to speak English. Or maybe you could try looking at what you type before you post it.

  19. cooliohunt says:

    I do know him very well like anyone in Gunsmoke but I didn’t he did another series. But I feel sorry about his lost of great yonger brother Peter Grave who died this month of a heart attack.

  20. projectmolcos says:

    Spockvideo, a great and many thanks for posting this, how it takes me back! And many thanks to the man above for David Shire, the King of theme tunes!

  21. airnational1 says:

    good show friday night on nbc 1982 sanpedro pd

  22. TonyDuMont says:

    Me too! They don’t have theme songs like this anymore, just all-too-brief snippets.

  23. nesnman says:

    I agree. Reality Television shows the worst of America. It’s time we show some of the best.

  24. Buddy212002 says:

    We need more shows like this on t.v. today. Reality shows really are awful. Now you have to pay for t.v. so they put on garbage and act like they are doing you a favor…LONG LIVE JAMES ARNESS…THE MAN!

  25. tbonemagnum says:


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