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mayberry rfd

This is the opening and closing credits to Mayberry RFD, the Andy Griffith Show spinoff. Oddly sufficient, this series was a hit show when it was on but CBS cancelled it because they wanted to shed their image as the rural programming network.

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  1. UandMeRacoons says:

    @donnieandsarah Probably the reason Duke Nukem exists.

  2. donnieandsarah says:

    Wow, what a special guest: Dick Forcem.

  3. ITegoArcanaDei418 says:

    this stuff is scary

  4. crappy4478 says:

    @beanio12 fake pop tarts. they still exist. somewhere.

  5. bartbro says:

    toastem is the less successful version of pop tarts.

  6. beanio12 says:

    What is Toastem?

  7. richmjr67 says:

    who was the sheriff of this town once andy left

  8. Archangel101576 says:

    @richmjr67 R.F.D. stands for Rural Free Delivery. It’s an old postal code.

  9. richmjr67 says:

    whats rfd stand for

  10. richmjr67 says:

    what the heck is a toastem…a 1960s pop tart

  11. fromthesidelines says:

    This is from the episode “Palm Springs Cowboy” {December 29, 1969}, originally sponsored by General Foods; they sustained the entire series, as they did Andy’s.

  12. myrnaturner says:

    Lots of butt shots on both shows.

    I gotta say that theme music has stuck in my head for years.

  13. ReuWil says:

    This show was pretty much just a direct continuation of the Andy Griffith Show with Andy Griffith having just left as the starring role…but for CBS’s “rural purge” it might have stuck around longer. They axed a lot of good shows after that purge…I guess no one told them they could introduce some new shows without getting rid of all of the other shows.

  14. LadySierraSays says:

    Oh , Yes , I grew up watching this show !!!!

  15. kustomchainwerks says:

    I love TAGS but I just never could get into Mayberry RFD.

  16. vividwatch47 says:

    @jed6271, next to the “Andy Griffith Show”‘s main title, the “Mayberry March” was the closest thing to a leitmotif for both shows.

  17. vividwatch47 says:

    @Green18600, it wouldn’t have worked anyway, because “Mayberry, R.F.D.” was axed during C.B.S.’s “”Rural Purge”, in which they cancelled shows that weren’t considered upscale for younger audiences, or featured older people.

  18. wdc2998 says:

    I liked Howard Stern’s parody: Mayberry KKK

  19. TheTheo58 says:

    R.F.D. means Rural Free Delivery

  20. farmall51 says:

    What does the RFD stand for

  21. tonywallacess45 says:

    This show was a little too whitebread for me but I always liked the “Mayberry March.” Since this was the continuation of TAGS without Griffith they got a pretty damned good run from the show. And, it was still popular when they pulled the plug. I’m a big Ken Berry fan.

  22. Green18600 says:

    “Mayberry, R.F.D” was on television for three years on the CBS Television Network. Excellent Video Clip!! The show would have earned more credibility if the program had been opened as the following: “Mayberry, R.F.D — A Lorimar Production” in the 1969-1970 Television Season … and stayed there until the end of the 1971-1972 Television Season. A Solid 5!!

  23. Skylord12345 says:

    I’m looking for the opening theme. My bird can sing it.

  24. jed6271 says:

    This closing has the second variation of the instrumental theme that was used, the arrangement changes at 1:12 and is shorter in length than the first closing. The title of the theme is “Mayberry March”, and was used as background music in the original TAGS.

  25. thechristiandude09 says:

    This show has nothing on Andy!

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