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Mayberry RFD 11-14-69 portion 1

Mayberry RFD starring suburbanite Ken Berry stuck in little town Mayberry portion 1
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25 Responses to “Mayberry RFD 11-14-69 portion 1”

  1. KesslersCross says:

    @Eromance1 Ok, what was the deal with this, was it a spin off and they decided to close chapter of andy with the wedding? Do you know what the last actual andy griffith show was?

  2. rockdude625 says:

    didn’t that fat guy play moose lewis in an episode of gomer pyle?

  3. luno44 says:

    it’s weird how all the color is basically gone, but the brightness/contrast is still there.

  4. Todd1971 says:

    TAGS was the best. It was all I could do to pay attention to this sorry excuse of a spin-off. Just awful !

  5. GreenAshR47 says:

    Sam’s hiring hand staying right down the hall from his child? I’m not sure if that would happen today.

  6. starVol says:

    “Suburbanite” Ken Berry? Ok, that explains why most of us never warmed up to his Sam character on this show. I always thought He thought of himself as hippier and more sophisticated than Goober and the other Mayberry folks. Suburbanite? Yeah that explains it? Just another snob looking down on the south. Yup that’s it!

  7. fullstrutn says:

    @Eromance1 Agreed!

  8. Eromance1 says:

    Despite Ken Berry being known from his F Troop tv series, he just didnt have the charisma that Andy Griffith had. Plus he didnt have any strong supporting cast that kept the show going. After Don Knotts left Andy’s show the formula for that show changed drastically. Goober, Howard, Emmitt, Warren the deputy-none of those guys had the comic genius Don Knotts had and it showed.

  9. PamelaRP says:

    Wish that TV land would put this back on. Think they ran it between 1999-2001 0r 2002. Great show with super cast. Thanks for this post of this fantastic show on YouTube. Take care.

  10. nauort23 says:

    Ken Berry was hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhot.

  11. StuntmanJackR says:

    I remember seeing this program repeated in the afternoons, but never saw it first run. This was a little before my time.

  12. qwertyESquirt says:

    the original andy griffith show was the best.

  13. akwaqs says:

    Marion Berry is the U.S. Congressman from Arkansas

  14. gibby100 says:

    amc javelin!

  15. seka1986 says:

    The physical resemblance is a dead giveaway.

  16. kingmackattack42 says:

    Don’t forget about poor old always left out cousin Franken Berry

  17. mikel0881 says:

    Marion “Barry” is black.

  18. wdc2998 says:

    @MrBeefTip I wonder if ol’ Marion shared his crack with Kenny

  19. MrBeefTip says:

    Alot of people did not know this but Ken Berry is the brother of former DC mayor Marion Berry.

  20. SIGNALSTAT says:

    aunt bee was visting her sister in the clinic she was trying to get off the wild turkey.

  21. christmastreeorange says:

    I have all the Andy Griffith seasons and in my opinion its still the best show there ever was. Does anyone know if the RFD seasons are on dvd and if so what they cost? I would like to have them too.

  22. Jeffp544 says:

    Yes he is Jodie Foster ‘s brother. He even wrote a book called “Foster child” about Jodie’s life.
    Some of his life is mentioned in the book too.

  23. EffLabels says:

    Isnt the kid Jodie Foster’s brother?

  24. mcgerveyproductions says:

    i have never seen this show, but i have seen
    “The Andy Griffith Show”

  25. austinzeppelin says:

    Oddly enough, I am a huge fan of TAGS and own all season dvd collections, however, I have never watched a single episode of Mayberry R.F.D.

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