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Maybe – Thom Pace (theme from Grizzly Adams)

Click here for high quality: This is not the whole song, but is the end of the movie Life and times of Grizzly Adams. Get pleasure from… Here are the complete lyrics: Deep inside the forest there’s a door into yet another land, here is our life and residence. We are staying here forever in the beauty of this location all along, we keep on hoping… Maybe, there is a world where we don’t have to run, and possibly, there is a time we’ll call our own, living free of charge in harmony and majesty, take me home, take me residence. Walking through a land where each and every living factor is stunning. Why does it have to end? We are calling all so sadly on the whispers of the wind as we send a dying message. Possibly, there’s a world where we do not have to run, and maybe, there’s a time we’ll call our own, living totally free in harmony and majesty, take me property, take me house. There’s a world where we do not have to run, and maybe, there is a time we’ll call our own, living free in harmony and majesty, take me residence, take me home.

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25 Responses to “Maybe – Thom Pace (theme from Grizzly Adams)”

  1. wk2094 says:

    Thank you for this video and song. It is my favorite and was searching for a long time – always love teddy bear. God bless

  2. MunawarArigayo says:

    Wow, so wonderful.

  3. ROTTYLUV4ME says:

    you can buy complete series on ebay or dl them off torrent =)

  4. ShahMashya says:

    It made Me cry! If I could I would visit Alaska since this beautiful piece mostly describe it. I’m a Sami from northern Scandinavia.

  5. redrosestoo says:

    @Rioghal10 Which ones? Because I’m singing along, and they appear to be correct to me.

  6. ShandySteve says:

    This really takes me back – The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams – I loved that programme and “Maybe ” was the perfect musical accompaniment! Many thanks for sharing this!

  7. DERedhead65 says:

    I SO loved this show… and Dan Haggerty made a beard look GREAT did he not? :D

  8. waltersdad says:

    Beautiful sentiment , God bless@SAsithlord

  9. Wikipunani says:

    There were so many shows to escape into around the time Grizzly Adams was offered to us its hard to pick just one. Grizzly Adams wins though.

    The people so ugly all around a youngster like me, a WORLD so ugly.
    Grizzly Adams was an emergency chute into a world of goodness and honor, of evil not always winning.

  10. ChristieAnn67 says:

    i love this show as well….you can order the dvd’s of this show at this site.

  11. squlpt says:

    Incredible song from an incredible show !!!!!

  12. SAsithlord says:

    In 1978 I remember sitting up watching this with my Great Grandfather…He passed away in the late part of that year. Though I was only 5 then, when I hear this I still feel my Great Grandpa smiling next me. RIP Dayton Lyle Newman. I miss you still

  13. Rioghal10 says:

    I used to love this series.

    By the way, some of your words are wrong in the lyrics you have posted.

  14. rothwellss says:

    Great song and greater guy bought the single in the 70 and was able to get the CD from Thom Pace several years ago He talked about his own life thanks

  15. ALIVEUNALIVE says:

    Have lovely memories of watching this tv series with my dad, he’s passed away now but its cool to revisit these old memories. They don’t make tv like this anymore.

  16. lindawva says:

    jonnyangl has the series on his site.

  17. deedee2020able says:

    Be on the look-out for a film, starring Grizzly Adams…

  18. Metals999 says:

    Music and imagery of simpler and peaceful times.

  19. Azhy1973 says:

    TAKE ME TO MY CHILDHOOD….Wonderful song and words

  20. bodrinker says:

    Brilliant, thanks for posting. I loved this programme as a child. Thankyou

  21. dullbrass says:

    @roisinkavanagh1 the complete pilot is on yt: watch?v=4s21v0Mewl4

  22. TraffordReds9 says:

    @HHH100 Hunting *responibly* for food etc was never the problem. It was always the hunting for sport & greed that decimated so many wild species across the world. This isn’t a lib or con issue; people of all political persuasions recognise the need to preserve & protect wild flora and fauna around the world.
    As for resources like oil and coal, they are finite. At some point we would HAVE to find alternative, *sustainable *resources – ones that preserve the land as well as our way of life.

  23. TraffordReds9 says:

    @HHH100 Rubbish. Nature got on for millions of years without any interference from man. It never needed trophy/sport humters to control populations before. Those endangered now are so because of loss of habitat, poaching and competetion for resources with human populations.E.g White lions are virtually extinct in the wild – why? Trophy hunting/poaching. There are more tigers in captivity than in the wild. Why? Afore-mentioned human interference…

  24. ArthurArgote says:

    Thank you for posting.. Brings back memories from my youth.

    I prefer this version to the stand alone recordings also on you tube. it has only the vocals, chorus, strings and guitar. The stand alone has a drum beat that take away from the delicateness of the song. Is there a higher quality version?

  25. tecnolover2642 says:

    One of the most beautiful songs ever. I’ve tried to play and sing this song with guitar but its useless. It can’t be done better than this,, thom paces voice is pure and so peaceful perfect in this song.

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