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Maverick Tv intro (1957)

Brett and Bart Maverick (and in later seasons, their English cousin, Bo) are nicely dressed gamblers who migrate from town to town often searching for a excellent game. Poker (5 card draw) is their preferred but they’ve been recognized to play such odd card games as 3-toed Sloth on occasion. [Tv-Series 1957-1962]

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  1. bobbollu says:

    @mjjc3 its on youtube I just saw it before this clip

  2. TheStanbabe says:

    Dear MJJC,”Bret Maverick”was seen in the early 1980′s..not the late 1970′s on NBC TV.

    You’re thinking of “The New Maverick”which starred Charles Franks as “Ben Maverick” and aired..very briefly on CBS TV in the late 1970′s.

  3. Onlymusical says:

    I’ve seen many of the episodes recently and most of those from the 1st two seasons, when Roy Huggins was writing/producing, remain hands down the best television series episodes ever filmed anywhere. They not only hold up, they stun the viewer with how comprehensively entertaining and masterfully acted, written, and photographed they are. None of the other Warner Bros. western series from the same time are watchable today but the Mavericks from the 1st two seasons are absolutely electrifying.

  4. markko17 says:

    @cmulwee001 He got hooked up with some woman from Alaska and it was all downhill from there.

  5. cmulwee001 says:

    Who’s John McCain?

  6. elc1960 says:

    @fromthesidelines Wow . . . someone other than me remembers Kaiser Aluminum. They went into cable TV in its infancy (Kaiser-Globe Broadcasting), and in 1971 Edgar Kaiser used that influence to get Nixon to enact the legislation that gave us HMOs (Kaiser Permanente). Pretty good for a guy who started out in junk metals.

  7. elc1960 says:

    In the words of Bret Maverick: “My old pappy used to say, “Hard work never hurt anybody . . . who didn’t do it.” Or: “Son, you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time . . . and those are pretty good odds.”

  8. Juliaflo says:

    @melollylolly AYYYYYMEN. When it comes to Maverick, Mel Columbcille Gerard Gibson is NO match for James Bumgarner—James Garner to you.

  9. DDDrew8 says:

    Ross Martin was a consummate actor and Robert Conrad is the ultimate symbol of male beauty. There is no flaw in his physique, visage, expression, smile, movement or anything else. What a masterpiece of God’s hand!!! I hate that Loveless character too. I think he ruins the series because there are too many episodes with him. Those episodes are disgustingly childish.

  10. russwinkler says:

    Yeah Encore sometime shows the 1980-81 “Bret Maverick” show. If even has Stuart Margolian, his sidekick from Rockford Files, which Garner suddenly left a year before. He had to finish his contract, so they did “Bret Maverick”.

  11. mjjc3 says:

    Anybody remember the Maverik remake James Garner did in the late 70′s? He brought Jack Kelly in for the last minute of the last episode.

  12. hilarioph says:

    Ahh so that is from the tv series

  13. SuperBobby55 says:

    does anybody know the name of the song

  14. fromthesidelines says:

    In its prime, the series aired on ABC’s Sunday night schedule at 7:30pm(et) from 1957 through ’61, managing to compete with such network stalwarts as Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan, Steve Allen, “DENNIS THE MENACE”, and even Shirley Temple!.
    This is the “standard” opening title, originally followed by a sponsor I.D. {“Brought to you by…Kaiser Aluminum–”}.

  15. yearinyale says:

    Too bad this wasn’t done ten years before. My dad was a big fan of Maverick and he would always tell us about the show. My dad passed away in 2002

  16. melollylolly says:

    to all bloggers: maverick is now on Encore Channel on cable–they show 2 shows daily-call cable and get the package with Encore Channel

  17. louanelhehltoee364 says:

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  18. melollylolly says:

    james garner will always be maverick to me–not mel gibson

  19. melpeacheyfan says:

    James Garner is Maverick

  20. monicahow says:

    I think he was great too, but so much better as the “Saint” Jack was my true favorite. Contrary to many belief, I think the episodes with Bart when Garner left are what is making the come back today.

  21. Tater1951 says:

    Speaking of the dashing dudes, how about Roger Moore as Cousin Beau Maverick?

  22. DAVWAVE says:

    Get the name right. It is John McShame

  23. godwhyisthistaken says:

    is this show about John Mccain?

  24. monicahow says:

    Jack Kelly was more than good, he was great. I am just tuned in to the episodes and I figure that I like Jack Kelly more than I do James Gardner. He said some of his lines like poetry and that winning smile. He sure was a dashing dude.

  25. Juliaflo says:

    I surely second that.

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