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Matt Houston Tv Show Intro

This is an 80′s Tv show “Matt Houston” season 3 intro.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Matt Houston Tv Show Intro”

  1. buzzlewie says:

    The late Lincoln Kilpatrick played on the sci fi movie The Omega Man with the late Charlton Heston as Zachary one of the mutants. Lincoln’s son Lincoln Jr. played an epsiode on Sanford and Son as Jason the runaway kid, and did a episode on Good Times as the leader of the Jr. Warlords who forced Michael to join.

  2. jvlivs2 says:

    Dag! I’m gettin’ old here. Ain’t seen this since…the 80s, man! TV ain’t like this no more, tho…

    Gotta love the intro to this series. It’s like Magnum P.I. meets 007!

  3. WomanJocker says:

    Matt Houston was such a bamf. Can’t help but like the guy

  4. trickledown says:

    Magnum PI lite

  5. Jmriccitelli says:

    Lee Horsley was one hell of a good looking man! That’s a real man!


    where is Lee Horsley?Anyone knows?

  7. mattsbestgirl says:

    He was sooo nice to look at! Season 1 is out on dvd. Anyone writing Matt Houston fan fic???

  8. cffnmkr13 says:

    Now I remember why I forgot about this show!

  9. wrecktem says:


    “Uncle Jed, we coulda struck a whole bunch more oil if you’d been a-huntin’ with this here type of gun instead!”

  10. WhildanIbnShabazz says:

    ” Better cock yur pistol!”

  11. Christoph777 says:

    Its like this, the Matt Houston show would be the Airwolf equivalent and Magnum P.I. would be Blue Thunder. Matt Houston would be the Transformers and Magnum P.I. would be the GoBots.

  12. iamfireproof2 says:

    I loved this show as well. It premiered on channel 45 here in phx, az. chanel 45 was brand new and had shows like hunter and tj hooker. the station was later bought by paramount studios making it upn 45. (United Paramount Network) Now thats gone and its just MyNetwork45. sorry to ramble, it just brought back memories.

  13. Eric4471066 says:

    I’m was a big fan of this show. Lee Horsley was the man. He and Pamela Hensley were the show! She is a absolute hottie!

  14. redbuick says:

    I just remembered how sexy pamela hensley was as cj and princess ardalla(?) from buck rogers.

  15. sxmxii says:

    @cjb476 “What would Ellie May and Jethro say?” lol!

  16. Timothy2035 says:

    I had almost forgot about this show. I saw on deep discount site that the first season is on sale of this show. I came to youtube to see if there were any trailers, and this one here brings back some memories of my childhood. What triggered it was the red Mercedes. It is starting to come back to me a little bit now. LOL! Buddy E is in the show.

  17. Timothy2035 says:

    @cjb476 LOL! I think they will say that he had been away Ma too much!

  18. cjb476 says:

    Matt Houston was a great show, used to watch it every Sunday night. But it is disturbing to see Buddy Ebsen firing an Uzi – what would Ellie May and Jethro say?

  19. retrotvfann1 says:

    @100572a Magnum was not too envious. His show lasted longer, LOL!

  20. 1rockford1 says:

    good cast

  21. 100572a says:

    Yup! Now I’m anxiously awaiting for them to release MATT HOUSTON-Season 2 out on DVD & hopefully it wont be too long either.

  22. 100572a says:

    Lee Horsley sure did along with the fact that Houston outclassed Magnum big time when it came to their private detective lifestyles since Magnum lived on a shoestring budget while Houston lived high on the hog in a swanky penthouse living the luxurious life Magnum envied & wished he could’ve had.

  23. wonderglory says:

    Didn’t Robert Fuller (of “Emergency!” fame) guest-star on one episode?

  24. SidJustice1 says:

    @retro- Yeah, I lot of ppl accused the producers of ripping off Magnum’s concept with this show. But he (Lee Horsley) had a little more of a redneck appeal to his persona. Also, my dad loved Magnum and Simon & Simon shows with a passion.

  25. lsd1974 says:

    Quality television

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